Hisoka 1999 Vs. 2011 In Hunter X Hunter | Surprising facts & Comparison

Hisoka 1999 Vs. 2011 In Hunter X Hunter

All You Want To Know About Hisoka 1999 Vs. 2011 In Hunter X Hunter

Hisoka is one of the mysterious characters of the Hunter x Hunter series. His ambiguity leaves viewers with many questions ranging from basic information on his background to explaining his actions. Hisoka’s unmatchable power, tricky nature, and ability to change every situation in his favor make him the most famous character of the Hunter x Hunter series. Hunter x Hunter was based on a 62-episode anime series. The second anime television series was released in 2011 with 148 episodes. Fans still don’t forget it over 30 years after the first anime in 1999. Let’s look at the biggest strengths of hunter x hunter in 1999 and 2011.

Hisoka Morow- Introduction

Hisoka morrow is a serial killer and a magician who combines violence with magic tricks. He feels happy to battle with those he considers strong to the sexual arousal. Hisoka takes an interest in Gon and his friends after coming across during the Hunter Exam and lets them live to grow into more dignitary opponents.

Hisoka 1999 Vs. 2011

Hunter x Hunter is a series full of curious characters. One of the strange characters of Hunter x Hunter is Hisoka Morow. Here is the comparison of Hisoka 1999 vs. 2011. Hisoka is thought to be evil by some viewers. Hisoka never harmed anyone just for fun purposes. But undoubtedly, he killed many people he thought unimportant of his time. He will get rid of someone who stands in his way. Hisoka is an unethical character.

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Hunter x hunter 1999 version is different from the 2011 version. Just like other characters of hunter x hunter, there are some differences in Hisoka’s appearance, especially in the hair. In the 1999 version, the hair color of Hisoka is blue in the whole series. In contrast, the 2011 anime has red hair color and sometimes is magenta. Besides hair, his eye color also has some inconsistencies throughout the two versions. Hisoka’s eyes were blue in the 1999 Hunter x Hunter version but yellow in 2011.

Hisoka’s Appearance In the 1999 Version

Hisoka has many different outfits. New viewers can not realize that the magician alters his appearance at the starting of each story. His overall look will remain consistent, but the colors may change. During a cameo appearance in the 1999 version, Hisoka is a child who enjoyed Bungee Gumm, so his family was poor. He chewed his gum until the flavor was gone. Later he named his signature moved after the name of gum. It differs slightly from the 2011 adaptation where Hisoka named Texture Surprise and Bungee Gum after his favorite candy and gum brands, respectively.

Hisoka’s Appearance In the 2011 Version

The 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter involved Hisoka, and an unnamed character happens in the first phase of the hunter exam. As the camera focus on the pair, the wannabe Hunter’s arms disintegrate into flower petals. He hit into Hisoka without apologizing, thus triggering the unfortunate argument. This encounter does not happen in the 1999 version. Instead, the magician has cut off the examinee against a wall but eventually let him be.

Kastro Vs. Hisoka 1999

Two years before the series starts, Kastro and Hisoka fought in the Heaven Arena. He got knockdown and won three points. He is the only one who does so against Hisoka. But Hisoka will also defeat Kastro. After this battle, he trained carefully to improve his Nen, so ultimately, he gained nine wins. During the process, he kept hidden his double ability. Recently, he challenged Hisoka for his tenth win. He is confident that he will defeat him.

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Gon Vs. Hisoka 2011

After Gon hits Hisoka in his face, which brings the match score to 2-1, Gon. the announcer feels that Hisoka didn’t feel the attack of Gon and questions the decision of the referee. The match’s referee gives the critical point to Gon because he uses flagstone to hit Hisoka. After that, Gon returns the number plate of Hisoka, and everyone remains confused at that exchange.

Hisoka hits Gon with his elbow and attacks the Gon continuously while Gon defends. Gon uses Gyo and sees that Hisoka attacked Gon cheek with Bungee Gum. Hisoka uses his Bungee Gum to pull Gon towards him and give him a punch that knocks Gon down. So the referee hits the Hisoka and makes the score 6-2, Hisoka.

How Old Is Hisoka?

Hisoka has never given personal information, refusing to reveal even his age. In contrast, some think that Hisoka is 28 years old. He never mentioned his age in any Hunter x Hunter material. Furthermore, when other characters’ ages are mentioned, Hisoka’s age is always listed as “unknown.” Some think that Hisoka is in his 20’s. The reason for not revealing his age is unknown.

Who Voices Hisoka?

Hisoka’s voice was dubbed with new voice actors for both the original Japanese and English versions of 2011. Overall four-voice actors give voice to Hisoka’s character. For the 1999 version, Hisoka is voiced by Brendan Hunter and Hiroki Takahashi. Fans may also recognize Hiroki Takahashi’s voice of Pariston Hill in Hunter x Hunter’s 2011 adaption. Hisoka voice actors of the 2011 series are Keith Silverstein and Daisuke Namikawa.

What Is Hisoka Bungee Gum?

Hisoka named both of his techniques after a chewing gum brand and a candy brand when he was a kid. So he named his favorite candy and gum “Texture Surprise” and “Bungee Gum,” respectively. He ate his gum so it would replicate its stickiness. It is added to his basic training. When Hisoka hits the opponent with his hand, he marks his opponent with bungee gum. After he applied bungee gum to the opponent, he may use the skill a second time for several purposes.

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Hunter x Hunter is the top series of all time and is a great starting point for those who want to enter the world of anime. Hunter x Hunter is full of strange characters, but Hisoka is the strangest of all. Here we discuss some facts about Hisoka’s character. While Hunter x Hunter is doing a great job making the most of the material available. Moreover, Hunter X Hunter 2011 has a great advantage in story content.