10 Best Real Estate Investment Analysis Software in 2022

10 Best Real Estate Investment Analysis Software in 2022

10 Best Real Estate Investment Analysis Software in 2022

The first commercial real estate investment software was created in the 1980s. This tool, known as a system analyst, made operational decision-making easier for firms that purchased and sold properties. 

With the advent and availability of advanced analytics software, it has become possible to create systems that provide more information on each property’s potential value. 

Commercial investment analysis tools provide a way for firms to compare their portfolios by mapping out the data from all their owned properties with those in similar markets around the country.

Finding the Right Property 

Most people who buy a property do not understand what they need to know about it. For example, most people purchase a home because they think it looks pretty. 

While that’s not the only factor you should consider, it is a big one. The design of a home is essential because it can affect how many people are interested in buying the property and how much you have to pay for upkeep and maintenance. 

For example, if you want to buy an apartment building in a town with no public transit, expect your operating expenses to be higher than average! That’s just one small detail that isn’t accounted for when most people buy property. It’s not just important to pay attention to the aesthetic appeal of the home but also its function.

It’s also important to start looking for properties early. You don’t want to be stuck in a rush at the last minute, running from one place to another to find a property that meets your needs. 

That can cost you thousands upon thousands on your first deal because you’re paying more than you have to. So when you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to take a step back and learn from your mistakes, so they never happen again!

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is one of the best real estate analysis software with various features designed to help you better understand your current commercial real estate portfolio. 

It carries out an analysis of various factors in real estate investing. This includes financial reports, cash flow projections, and property performance reports.

  • A Financial Report is an important evaluation tool for real estate investments to determine the value of investment properties relative to the investor’s overall investment portfolio. 
  • Investors use the Cash Flow Report to judge whether they can afford the timing and amount of monthly payments from rental revenue. The report helps you decide how much income you need from your investment property and if it will be enough to cover your monthly expenses and debts.
  • Property Management Report is a tool to gauge the effectiveness of a property manager in managing your rental property. The report allows the real estate investors to compare the performance of their management agents against industry norms.
  • This report also helps the investor consider how efficiently they are using their investment properties, determine if they are under or over-utilizing their properties and whether there are ways to increase income through a better management strategy. 
  • Property Performance Report shows the financial year summary for a specific property. It includes monthly cash flow. Rent received operating expenses, capital expenditure, and gain or loss on sale information. 
  • The Cash Flow Report will show what cash inflow and outflow of investments are over a month concerning individual properties and portfolios. The report will also show how efficient you were in managing your properties, including any rent under collection, rented out above market value, vacant units, management fees charged, and capital expenditures are undertaken to improve the property. 
  • The Cash Flow Analysis Report allows you to compare your cash flow performance with peers for the past years and with industry norms for your industry. 
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It allows a one-click economy health check for commercial and residential rental property valuation in seconds, with results from over 500 data points updated monthly. In-depth financial reports that reveal critical information, including NOI, ROI, and Yield calculations for commercial properties and ARV, DTI, and Mortgage Payment calculations for residential properties.

Self-storage facility income and expense analysis to understand what’s happening in your facility.

Property management dashboard that shows you how to maximize your property’s earnings.

The site selection tool for new storage facilities will show you the optimum places for new facilities based on multiple factors, including demographics, zoning, traffic, and more.


PropertyRadar is a real estate investment analysis software being developed by “The Real Estate Company.” 

It is a team of world-class developers and designers developing PropertyRadar to be the most user-friendly software in its class. With a great network of partners who help us with security, marketing, support, and more.

The Real Estate Company is a group of people who share a common goal. They want to make PropertyRadar the world’s most widely used real estate software.

PropertyRadar is currently in the third phase, which includes the above features. In addition, several other features are in the pipeline and will be included in future updates. 

This includes a “Financials” page, which will calculate investment metrics from your previous sales database, such as Return on Investment (ROI). 

A “Reports” page will allow users to create custom reports about their database of homes and neighborhoods. A feature is also being added in the pipeline to share reports with other PropertyRadar users and allow them to comment on the report.

PropertyRadar is the only real estate software that allows you to run a “test drive” of your potential homes for free.

When users sign up for the software, they will receive a unique URL link to a database of test homes. 

This allows users to search through homes already on the market and save them as favorites. Users can also search mass un-copied data systems, such as Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com. 

The Real Estate Company plans to keep the database of test homes updated with new test homes coming onto the market or being sold at existing houses as a public service for real estate agents and potential buyers looking for listings in their area.


ProAPOD provides investors with the perfect tool by combining quantitative and qualitative inputs from mathematicians, statisticians, MBA students, financial analysts, and building professionals in a single platform. 

It allows systems to deal with multiple aspects of the real estate market, such as financial analysis opportunities, through its ability to analyze data at different scales without losing structural integrity. 

ProAPOD does not predict what an investment will be worth in the future but rather helps you calculate your out-of-pocket expenses and potential returns so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the property is high-risk or low-risk.

No longer is it necessary to spend countless hours researching, analyzing, and comparing dozens of properties to get the best return and most efficient investment. 

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The proposed software will enable you to quickly identify properties that offer a high return with low risk, low maintenance properties and also enable you to analyze a wide variety of other factors such as Taxes, Insurance, Zoning, Utilities, and even Flood Risk.

The software is meant for beginners and experienced investors looking for an easy-to-use means of evaluating investment opportunities. You simply input the basic information about the property, including purchase price and estimated annual taxes.


REIPro aims to change the game with its real estate investment analysis software. REIPro has been developed by a team of mathematicians who specialize in problems like these. They’ve got an impressive track record of success—in 2017, they helped triple the portfolio size of one major client, now worth over USD 300 million.

The REIPro real estate investment analysis software is designed to provide investors with an easy-to-use and intuitive way of understanding the financial performance of their portfolios. It’s not just meant to be a tool for financial experts, but rather a user-friendly tool that can help both novice and experts alike.

The real estate investment analysis software uses mathematical algorithms that have been thoroughly tested and proven effective in asset management for years. The mathematical models created by these experts are always 100% accurate, and they’re so robust that they can accurately predict future returns and success rates. 

The REIPro real estate investment analysis software is available online as a web app or an iPad app that can run on your computer using its analytics engine. It costs $49 per month for the web app or $99 per month for the iPad app. 

TheAnalyst PRO 

TheAnalyst PRO aims to provide investors with more information about how their investment decisions may affect them over time. This is possible using “advanced computer modeling and simulation of real estate investments.”

Real estate investing is becoming more popular as the cost of living in big cities rises, flooding the market with investors seeking properties. While TheAnalyst PRO does not appear to have any direct competitors, similar services are offered by companies such as Zillow, which operates similarly but also offers comparisons through complex finance modeling.

A few factors that may hinder TheAnalyst PRO’s success include the fact that it requires a substantial initial investment, which some investors may be unable to afford. In addition, it is only available online, and while it can easily be accessed from mobile devices, this limits its accessibility for those without internet access.


Zillow is an American company that provides free home value information on various markets, such as the national median price per square foot, the number of homes listed for sale, and the average length of time it takes for homes to sell. Zillow is the leading real estate search site in many world regions. 

The company was founded in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink. In 2011, Zillow was acquired by an investment group consisting of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Vulcan Capital. They also owned Move Inc., which acquired the website in 2007.

Zillow has been designated as a “critical infrastructure” company, with its stock traded above $1 billion.

The Zillow analysis software is used by thousands of agents and mortgage brokers across the country to make millions of home finance transactions every year.


Realeflow’s software is designed to help property professionals with mastering their potential. It can be used by asset managers like private equity investors or consultants like real estate developers — it’s a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline your entire investment process so you can make better-informed decisions with more confidence. Investors. Identifying and analyzing real estate prospects usually involves a lot of manual calculations and research.

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REALEFFLOW’s digital stack is your one-stop-shop for all things real estate across every asset class and environment. Get a clear overview of your portfolio as well as access to powerful insights at every stage of the investment process. Developed by professionals, for professionals, the Realeflow platform is packed with features that make it easy to manage property no matter where you are in the world.”

The Realeflow platform is constantly evolving to maximize its value to users, and these days plenty has been happening behind the scenes — it goes without saying that we are on top of all the latest technology trends.

Roofstock Cloudhouse

Roofstock Cloudhouse is the world’s first intelligent cloud-based software for residential real estate investors. The product was founded in 2010 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and established industry experts. It has been created to simplify investment decision-making and help investors capture opportunities across the country. 

Roofstock Cloudhouse is the only cloud-based software that combines state-of-the-art, proprietary data-driven analytics with direct connections to lenders to offer market-leading loan terms. 

Roofstock Cloudhouse works alongside existing systems and systems management platforms to allow full visibility and management of the portfolio. It provides investors with an intuitive platform to fulfill their investment objectives, making them more profitable, successful, and sustainable.

Roofstock Cloudhouse is built on a proprietary platform with algorithms and statistical indicators that have been carefully integrated into a sophisticated analytical system. The system tracks the movement of property values across the country for all mortgage products. 

Real estate investment data is sourced from publicly available sources and property data that may be proprietary or auction data for specific cities or states. Roofstock Cloudhouse receives aggregated data from multiple sources to provide each user with the most accurate estimate of the long-term value.


DoorLoop is an accurate yet easy-to-use real estate investment analysis software that helps homeowners, investors, and brokers make smarter decisions.

DoorLoop will provide a detailed report on its worth for the next 15 years.

Stop wasting your time with long Excel sheets or cumbersome reports from unreliable sources – get all your market data from one source and make better decisions! 

DoorLoop will analyze the area of your property based on data for the past 15 years and predict trends for the next 15 years. In addition, it will report on property values, rent prices (for both buying and renting), tax benefits, renovation costs, insurance costs, and maintenance expenses. This information will help you decide whether to buy a piece of property or continue renting it or renew your lease with your landlord.

DoorLoop will provide valuable information on making the most of your real estate purchase. With DoorLoop, you can get a clear picture of the type of property that will be most beneficial for you to make the best investment possible.

A group of real estate enthusiasts designed this software with years of experience – we took into account all the things we wished we knew when we started investing in real estate. Our goal is to create the best possible software, explain its meaning, and clearly show you how to use it.

That’s why detailed explanations are included in every report – so that you understand any detail about your property or area.