10 reasons why Russia and USA are heading for a 3rd World war

10 reasons why Russia and USA are heading for a 3rd World war

10 reasons why Russia and USA are heading for a 3rd World war | What should we do now?

In this context, we will dive deep into the details about why Russia and the USA are heading for the 3rd World war.

Reasons why Russia and USA are heading for a 3rd World War

10 reasons why Russia and USA are heading for a 3rd World war

It is now clear that Russia and the USA would not just sit back and watch as its powers will slip away in neighboring Ukraine. This Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin requested and was guaranteed parliamentary approval to send the troops into its former Soviet state. And sometimes, thereabouts, he proceeds to do so.

US President Donald Trump also tweeted, “The United States has paid Iraq Billions of dollars a year, for many years. That is on top of all else that we have done for them.”

He also tweeted that “The people of Iraq do not want to be dominated & controlled by Iran, but ultimately, that is their choice.

The concern about further violence is just trending worldwide with the help of various social media activists discussing their predictions and the fears of just another global war. Now we will discuss why Russia and the USA are heading for a 3rd World war.

Natural resources

Ukraine has a very wide variety of natural resources. Those natural resources can be easily divided into three main groups: energy resources, non-metal ores, and metal ores. Although it just accounts for about 0.4% and 0.8%of the earth’s land surface. But this still is very important to both Russia and the USA.

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After making a substantial natural gas discovery in neighboring Romania that may flow fast enough to supply half of that country’s consumption in Bulgaria, this may be one of the main reasons Ukraine is significant to Russia.

Geography of the Crimean Peninsula

Geography and history of the contested region of Crimea.It is actually a region of the southern area of Ukraine on the Crimean Peninsula. It is actually located along the Black Sea and covers almost the entire peninsula area except for Sevastopol, a city that Ukraine and Russia are currently disputing.

One of the main reasons Russia is heading towards World War 3 is because Russia’s only warm-water naval base is in Sevastopol. The other reason is that Crimea also serves as a Choke Point to and from the sea of Aziz.


All of the military and security forces, including the Armed Forces, are actually under the command of the President of Ukraine. The Crimean Peninsula is also very much essential for the Russian Navy.

Its Black Sea naval fleet is also headquartered there. Moreover, the peninsula controls entry to and egresses from the Sea of Aziz. To make matters very much worse for Russia, the majority of the Black Sea coastline is held by the NATO allies- Russia’s geopolitical adversaries.

Location of Ukraine 

This is also one of the main reasons because Soviet Ukraine soon may become a European leader in industrial production and an important center of the Soviet arms industry and high-tech research. Such a vital role resulted in a significant influence of the local elite.

Russia wants Ukraine because it is sandwiched between Europe and Russia. Russia also does not like to have too many EU-member neighbors with NATO sympathies along its western border.

Russia’s License for aggression

Though the UN, US, and NATO have all gone on a very high alert, the Crimean is not an act of aggression against the whole world. It is also a move to make parts of Ukraine decisively Russian, both politically and culturally.

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Obama initially warned that there would be a considerable cost to this invasion. Still, he will not just back it up-he really can not, not without a game of Russian nuclear roulette, which nobody wants.

The problem is also not that the Americans and the UN will start tossing some bombs into Russia; the problem is just that Putin knows that they will not. This is the man who once said that the considerable fall of the Soviet Union was also the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

Putin is also already in round two. In 2008, when Putin was still the Prime Minister, Russia and Georgia entered into a five-day conflict that culminated in Russian bombs falling in the Georgian capital. The situation in Ukraine may not be a match that is just going to ignite the fires of World War 3, but it is just a nod to being a superpower that they actually have a free license to do what they want. 

A third Sino-Japanese war in the making 

China also has not been the most excellent neighbor recently. In November 2013, China startled the world by actually announcing a new configured air defense zone in the East China Sea– a zone that only they and they alone would control, to the point of shooting down the aircraft that wandered into it.

But, in addition to Japan, other regions also originally had a claim to that airspace, Including Taiwan and South Korea. 

The Ukrainian conflict is reaching a boiling point

Ukrainian nationalists are just calling Putin’s invasion an act of war; Russians in Ukraine call it an act of salvation. Riots are also flaring up across the country as the two very dominant political forces go ahead.

This video shows you two men who are being beaten by a very pro-Russian mob in Kharkiv, the USSR,s Bolshevik-run capital, which is leading up to World War 3, and that’s where Putin’s army looks headed next. This is the man who once said that the massive fall of the Soviet Union was also the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

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You can also get a pretty clear view of the political alliances of Ukraine with just the above map, which shows us the results of the 2010 election. Blue also represents the areas that support Viktor Yanukovych, so you can consider those regions as comparatively pro-Russian.

America is legally bound to protect south pacific countries

A war only will become a World War when the US gets involved. Unlike their official policy of the stern warnings and the disapproving looks in response to Russia, the White House has also publicly and unwaveringly declared that it would just back against any acts of aggression by China.

Agricultural Resources 

Ukraine is considered the Breadbasket of Europe. Crop farming, which actually accounts for 73% of the agricultural output, may dominate Ukrainian agriculture. Ukraine harvested around 60 million tons of legumes grain annually. Because of the agricultural resources of Ukraine, Russia wants to start world war 3.

North Korea is a wild card

North Korea also tends to get relegated to the back row in the discussions on the world powers. Sure, they are also potentially dangerous, but it is just a short-range type of danger, which is similar to how you can still skip away from the mugger with the help of a knife.

Final Words 

In this article, We have explained the ten reasons why Russia and the USA are heading for the 3rd world war. However, we still recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.