5 best robot vacuum for laminate floors and carpet cleaning 2022

5 best robot vacuum for laminate floors and carpet cleaning 2022

5 best robot vacuum for laminate floors and carpet cleaning 2022 | Check out now!

If you have laminated floors in your home, you may be wondering which vacuum cleaner is best for this type of floor.

We’ve got you covered, as we’ve prepared a list of the best robot vacuums for laminate flooring and carpet cleaning in 2022.

Roomba 981 Robot Vacuum by iRobot

As discussed in our previous post, the Roomba 981 is known for its powerful and effective cleaning performance. The powerful suction of the iRobot Roomba 981 delivers ten times the air power for a very efficient pick-up. In addition, intelligent mapping technology enables the device to navigate and clean an entire level of your home remotely.

The 981’s powerful suction and flexible brushes work in unison to capture 99 percent of dog and cat dander allergens in the home. The unit is also great for deep cleaning carpets, especially when the Power Boost mode is turned on.

Roomba, like other models, maps and remembers several rooms and floor plans. Make it simple to guide it precisely where you want it to go using the app or voice command. 

One of the best features of iRobot vacuums; is if its battery runs out, even in the middle of a cleaning task. Furthermore, it will swiftly recharge and resume cleaning where it left off, cleaning until the job is finished while avoiding the areas it has already cleaned.

Anker Robovac by eufy

Anker’s bot vac is ultra-thin, wifi-connected, and has a suction strength of 1500pa. In addition, it has boundary strips, is self-charging, and is known for its ultra-quiet functioning. 

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This robot vacuum is best suited for hard floorings like laminate and wood, as well as medium pile carpets. It has a black or white appearance and works with Alexa and Google Assistant after pairing with an Alexa device.

The eufy provides a seamless cleaning experience every time, thanks to clever navigation, simple smartphone apps, and voice-activated control. 

With this incredible hands-free automatic vacuum equipment and the EufyHome app, you’ll be able to keep your laminate floors looking shiny and spotless for years to come.

The eufy by Ank’s BoostIQ Technology takes advantage of its boosted 1500pa suction to provide up to 1.5 sections of mega-powerful vacuum anytime you need it. 

With this feature, the device addresses the most contaminated areas, eliminating excess dirt, dust, and other accumulated grime to ensure a thorough deep-clean with each session.

Roborock E4

The Roborock E4 has a handy mop feature to clean your laminate floors. In addition, it is app-controlled so that you can plan your regular mopping and vacuuming sessions. 

You can also use the application to create a specific cleaning route. After pairing with an Alexa device, the Roborock E4 is fully functional with Amazon’s Alexa.

The newly upgraded, more extensive Roborock E4 mopping system incorporates a unique hydraulic system that allows you to adjust the water flow to your preferred cleaning setting. This feature allows you to clean your laminate floor thoroughly. 

This is an excellent robotic vacuum for larger homes. If the battery runs low on charge, it returns to the charging port to recharge before picking up where it left off. 

Cleaning perfection is the company’s goal. With this innovative device, you can expect to clean your floors more effectively and quickly.

To follow the route you specify to your robot vacuum in the app. The Roborock E4 uses gyroscopes and Optic Eye motion tracking. 

Once you’ve programmed the map of Roborock E4’s path, its bright memory can remember where it’s been, avoid obstacles, and edge each room in your house. This device has also been shown to move up to 10% more than a typical robotic vacuum.

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The ILIFE V3s Pro robot vacuum is ideal for households with pets. It’s a small, self-charging device with tangle-free suction that’s explicitly designed to capture and remove pet hair. 

This robotic vacuum cleaner works well on any hard surface or laminate flooring. It is also appropriate for any room with a low-pile carpet.

The ILIFE V3s Pro is not only self-charging but is also fully programmable. You can program the device with your preferred cleaning schedule to ensure that you never miss a regular cleaning session. 

The vacuum has intelligent sensors that help with anti-bump and anti-fall functions. A fully charged battery has a runtime of 90 to 100 minutes of continuous suction. 

The cutting-edge robot vacuum allows for convenient daily use with simple remote control operation or the one-touch Auto Clean function.

The ILIFE V3s Pro’s cordless suction technology was designed with this user in mind. However, when it comes to sucking up pet hair and other debris on hard surface floors, this device goes above and beyond. 

The low-profile design allows for easy cleaning under beds and other furniture and any other home area with limited access.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Coredy Robot Vacuum is remote-controlled and has a 2600mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery. The device also has a mop mode and enhanced vacuum power for a total suction of 1400 Pa. This robot vacuum is extremely simple to use. It has four distinct cleaning modes selected based on your cleaning requirements.

This unit is notable for its powerful suction and ultra-slim design, which allows it to clean in some rather tight spaces. The device is intended for use on medium-pile carpets and hard surface floors. 

This slim-designed robot vacuum has a powerful motor suction that works with 27-degree dual-edge side brushes. The Coredy is best suited for homes with difficult-to-clean areas, as this device is guaranteed to cover every nook and cranny on the floor.

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The coredy constant run time is 110 minutes. That’s a lot of quiet and efficient cleaning, enough to cover a lot of ground in your home. In addition, it has an auto-charging function, so you can rely on it to be ready for use whenever you need it. 

It comes with various functional accessories, including side brushes, a remote control, and high-efficiency filters. The Cordy provides an intelligent, effective, and compelling cleaning experience that will spot your laminate floors.

Before buying a robot vacuum for your laminate floor, what to look out for?

There are several important factors to consider when selecting the best robotic vacuum for your needs. First, how smart is the device? Is the vacuum smart enough to make the experience quick and easy, or will the robot be more trouble than it’s worth?

Furthermore, how well does your carpet clean rugs if you have one? Pay special attention to this topic’s reviews. The manufacturer usually indicates the type of rug the vacuum works best.

If you have pets, it’s also a good idea to look for a device with tangle-free features. Maintenance, durability, and warranty offers are all important factors to consider.

Finally, stay away from knock-offs or unauthorized resellers because these products frequently lack the necessary support and repair and replacement policies that will come in handy if the device fails.


This article discussed how you could buy the best robot vacuum for your laminate floors and carpets. All the products listed above offer the best features and quality. You can choose one from the list above. For more updates, make sure to sign-up to our newsletter to get the latest information instantly.