Is there free roadside assistance 24/7? Best Auto insurance companies 2022

Is there free roadside assistance

Is there free roadside assistance? What are the best Auto Insurance companies providing free roadside assistance in 2022?

There is free roadside assistance. If you are smart and buy the right Car Insurance with free roadside assistance, you are good to go. Call up your car insurer for help, and it will send a crew to your rescue point in no time. Essentially all the services are free. However, in some cases, you will have to bear the costs. For example, if you run out of fuel, you will have to pay for refueling. Selecting the right Insurance company in 2022 is essential. You must ensure that the Auto Insurance comes with free roadside assistance. So we have listed down the best car insurance companies providing free road side assistance(RSA).

Is there free roadside assistance 24/7 if you buy a new car?

Suppose you have purchased a new car. Here is the list of Car manufacturers who provide free roadside assistance for the first 2-7 years. You may, however, buy additional years by paying some extra fees.

Years covered Company Phone Number
2 Scion 866.322.3968
2 Toyota 800.444.4195
3 Honda 866-864-5211
3 Subaru 800.261.2155
3 Suzuki 877.794.8853
3 Volkswagen 800.411.6688
3 Volvo 800.638.6586
4 Acura 800.594.8500
4 Audi 800.411.9988
4 BMW 800.332.4269
4 Fiat 888.242.6342
4 Infiniti 800.662.6200
4 Jaguar 800.452.4827
4 Land Rover 800.637.6837
4 Lexus 800.255.3987
4 Mercedes 800.367.6372
4 MINI 866.646.4772
4 Porsche 800.767.7243
4 Saab 877.271.1708
4 Tesla 877.798.3752
5 Chevrolet 800.243.8872
5 Chrysler 800.521.2779
5 Dodge 800.521.2779
5 Ford 800.241.3673
5 GMC 800.677.4927
5 Hummer 888.275.5608
5 Hyundai 800.243.7766
5 Jeep 800.521.2779
5 Kia 800.333.4542
5 Lincoln 800.241.3673
5 Mercury 800.241.3673
5 Mitsubishi 888.648.7820
5 Nissan 866.668.1487  GTR
5 Nissan 877.664.2738  Leaf
5 Pontiac 800.762.3743
5 Ram 800.521.2779
5 Saturn 866.415.5839
6 Buick 800.252.1112
6 Cadillac 800.224.1400
7 Isuzu 800.444.0303

 Is there free roadside assistance

How does Roadside assistance works? Is it free?

Roadside Assistance Cover in your Car Insurance Plan is an add-on cover. It acts as your most trusted ally when the vehicle breaks down. In other words, Roadside Assistance Coverage means a professional technician comes to your rescue when your car breaks down in the middle of the journey, leaving you stranded. 

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So is there free roadside assistance? Actually no. Someone is paying for it, and it may be your Insurance company or the Car company. If you think in another way, you are the one paying for it initially. It may seem accessible and free during need, but remember, you have already paid for it upfront.

Automotive companies hire third parties to provide 24-hour help. Cross Country Automotive Services (Agero) is the most common 24-hour emergency service company. Your local tow truck company will provide free support to you, monitored by Agero and paid for by the car company.

Should I Purchase Roadside Assistance From My Insurance Company?

There are many benefits of purchasing roadside assistance from your Auto Insurance company. Buying roadside assistance from your insurance company will provide you with 24/7 service at a rate that is typically less than purchasing it from a stand-alone provider. If your car has a breakdown or other complication while driving, help is simply a call away. For the price, roadside assistance can quickly pay for itself after one occurrence and allows you to drive more confidently, even on long road trips.

Is the second owner covered?

Yes, subsequent owners are covered for the duration listed starting from the original owner’s purchase date.

What is Roadside Assistance Cover in Car Insurance?

Roadside Assistance (RSA) cover offers much-needed relief to a car owner if their vehicle breaks down or has a mechanical failure on the road or at home. It can be very frustrating to be stranded in an unfamiliar place with no access to a mechanic. That is where the RSA cover comes in handy.

Some car insurance companies offer this protection as an inherent part of the comprehensive car insurance policy. Others suggest it as an exclusive add-on insurance cover that can be opted for at the discretion of the car owner.

Coverage Under The Roadside Assistance Service:

The incidents covered by the Roadside Assistance scheme are many, some of which include the following:

  1. Hotel stay – If required, the insurance company will arrange for the car owner to be put up at a hotel near the garage where the vehicle is repaired. The Company will have to bear the cost of the accommodation. However, the car owner will pay all food and luxury bills.
  2. Alternate vehicle: The insurance company will arrange for an alternate vehicle/taxi that the car owner can use. It is while the insured vehicle is undergoing repairs. This facility is usually provided to only one destination.
  3. Medical coordination – If the car owner requires medical assistance following the immobilization of the insured vehicle, the insurance company will arrange for the same. However, the policyholder will bear the cost of treatment and medical bills.
  4. Urgent message relay – Some insurance companies assist the insured to get in touch with their family and relay urgent messages through conference calls.
  5. Delivery of repaired car – Some insurers help deliver the repaired car to the residence of the policyholder in case they are on tour.
  6. Mechanical/electrical breakdown: If the vehicle has broken down at home or on the road, the insurer will arrange for a mechanic to repair it at the site of the breakdown. The mechanic will assist the car owner with a battery jump start, flat tire replacement, and other minor electrical or mechanical repairs. Suppose the car owner has been locked out of the vehicle. The pickup and delivery of spare keys will also be provided.
  7. Towing – Suppose the insured vehicle is involved in an accident. The insurance company will arrange to safely tow it to a nearby network garage or authorized service center.
  8. Fuel delivery – If the covered vehicle has run out of fuel, the insurer will arrange for up to 5 liters of fuel to be delivered to it. However, some insurers set specific limits on the number of times this service will be provided during the policy term.
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Car insurance companies allow the emergency incident to be reported via SMS or a phone call. Once the insurer is notified, a mechanic/patrol vehicle will be sent to the vehicle’s location in the shortest possible time. The car will be provided the necessary service, and it will be restarted or towed to a reliable workshop.

Best car Insurance Companies in 2022 with free roadside assistance

6 Best car Insurance Companies in 2022 with free roadside assistance

Most major insurance companies will offer roadside assistance plans as an available option on your car insurance policy. There are also stand-alone companies that provide roadside service, either monthly or annual. Some manufacturers, credit card companies, and even phone companies offer additional service expenses. Below are some of the most popular roadside assistance companies and what you can expect to pay for them.

1. Allstate Car Insurance

One of the most comprehensive roadside assistance policies and one of the most expensive is Allstate Motor Club, the roadside assistance provided by Allstate. This add-on will run between $86 and $144 annually, depending on the package chosen. The service includes fuel delivery, lockout, jump-start, flat-tire change, and trip planning. It also covers towing, but the price is capped at $150 to $200 per tow. Depending on the package, you are also limited on the number of calls, ranging from three to five. You can purchase this roadside assistance independently, even if you don’t have an Allstate insurance policy.

2. Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive Insurance provides roadside assistance as a policy option for an average cost of $16 annually. The coverage includes all primary roadside services and towing within 15 miles. The monthly fee is slightly higher than some of their competitors, but all roadside services are offered under their policy.

3. AAA Car Insurance

AAA is a non-insurance roadside assistance service that charges $38 to $164 per year, depending on the services you request. Their policy limits service calls to four a year. It provides towing to AAA-approved repair facilities or a preferred mechanic. You can also opt for the more expensive Plus plan, which allows for towing up to 100 miles. That is the farthest of any roadside assistance policy.

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4. Geico Car Insurance

Roadside assistance from Geico also runs around $14 a year. It provides holders with up to five service calls a year for jump-starts, towing, flat-tire change, and lockout services. The easiest way to request roadside assistance with Geico is through its app. It will have the necessary information about your vehicle and policy and also be able to provide the service technician with a GPS location.

5. State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm’s Emergency Roadside Service is its add-on roadside assistance policy, which runs about $14 per year. Roadside assistance includes tow, lockout, tire change, and gas service. If you have State Farm insurance and don’t purchase their roadside assistance option, you can still call them. They will work with their vendors to negotiate a reasonable price.

6. USAA Car Insurance

For as little as $14 a year, you can add roadside assistance to your car insurance policy. That provides all regular roadside assistance services and pays for up to $100 per occurrence. Policyholders can call the roadside assistance provider for USAA, Agero, on their own or through USAA’s website. You also can request reimbursement for payments already made.