7 Best Guest posting websites in the USA in 2022 | Submit guest post in any niche

7 Best Guest posting websites in the USA in 2022 | Submit guest post in any niche

7 Best Guest posting websites in the USA in 2022 | Submit guest post in any niche

If you want to grow your online audience or promote yourself as an ‘expert’ in the online business and generate more sales, you should start guest posting. 

Many business-related web magazines are looking for people with experience in online businesses to provide tips, tricks, experience, and motivation in written form. This article will discuss 7 best websites for guest posting in the USA. This list is arranged from best top 1 to top 7 websites in this article.

Why is Guest Posting good for your business? 

Suppose you want to boost the domain authority of your website. In that case, you must achieve higher backlinks through the guest posting strategy. Several blogging websites allow guest bloggers to publish articles with few conditions.

By posting guest posts, you will increase the authority of your website. Often, the websites will provide you with an author bio and a link to your website. Here we have listed the best websites for guest posting in 2022.

Fake Guest Posting

It is important to realize that, due to the high demand for guest post services, a variety of fake services will do nothing to assist your site’s ranking. In some cases, it may even harm it and de-rank your website. 

Any mass linking approach may provide a short-term boost, but it will harm your site in the long run. When it comes to link building, don’t play around, especially when it comes to your primary website. Below, we have listed the USA’s 7 best guest posting websites in 2022.

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We have aced our website in every niche as the name sounds unfamiliar. We write, write and write for our beloved users and Google. We have more than 450000 readers per month and are growing every day. With a high DA and DR, we believe in quality and consistency to grow ourselves. However, to submit a free guest post, you have to follow the following rules.

  1. We only provide no-follow backlinks in a free guest post
  2. Minimum 2000 words

You may reach us through Contact Us Page.


Burbro is one of the best sites for guest posting that we have come across around the marketing space. Burbro is a content-based business that provides well-researched content that is easy to read. Burbro covers a wide range of topics but are no better than Webnews21.com. 

Their Submission difficulty is relatively easier than other guest posting websites. Burbro also covers tech articles, real estate, expert reviews, software suggestions, and reviews.

Business Insider

Business Insider is a well-known website and a multi-million dollar company as well. It is known for producing high-end information in the business space. Moreover, Business Insider is always looking for freelance writers and regular contributors. But the submission difficulty is serious due to market competition. But you can always try your luck in applying for one of the writing jobs they have to offer. 

Business Insider has been in this industry for a long time. Additionally, Business Insider will only keep you as a regular contributor if you keep posting some seriously high-quality content, which can be difficult after some time.


Evan Williams founded medium in 2012. The popular blogging platform has outgrown massively and provides guest posting services for users. Nonetheless, the growth and community engagement of the medium are growing every day. You only need to sign in and make your account to start guest posting, or you can connect your Twitter account and sign in seamlessly. 

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Medium is perfect for people who love reading and writing as well. Medium employs a minimalistic design to ensure that nothing distracts your readers.

Get Response

A software company called Get Response also allows you to guest post on their website. The company covers a wide range of topics, including business, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and much more.

The submission is difficult compared to others as they have a lot of requirements to fulfill before you start writing. They do, however, have an active audience, and there are many immediate and long-term benefits that Get Response offers for writing on their websites. 

Design Milk

Design Milk is a website devoted to modern design and has started writing for the Technology niche. Initially, Design Milk was dedicated to interior design. Architecture, fashion, travel, and even technology are all covered. 

When you visit Design Milk website, you can see right away that they are an excellent site to be featured on because of their modern art-inspired style. The San Francisco Chronicle and The Los Angeles Times have also featured the website. So the website has good engagement and good traffic as well.

Tech Crunch

TechCrunch is a great choice for guest posting as well. TechCrunch is always looking for good writers for their website. 

Remember that most TechCrunch articles are related to investment and finance. The company does solicit guest contributions. When you visit their website, they explain what they are looking for and their monthly themes in the “Got a tip?” area.

You get the option of submitting a single article or becoming a regular contributor to their website. To become a regular contributor, it is important to post high-quality content on their website and start with one post daily. Offer something fantastic to Techcrunch, and they’ll most likely want you to keep writing for them.


Above, we have mentioned 7 best guest posting services in the USA in 2022. As there are submission standards on these websites, it is important to know that you should always approach a legit website. However, Webnews21.com is the best of all for guest posting. You can contact us here for more details. 

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However, there are many other websites as well. But as told before, many fake websites can harm your website instead of giving any benefit. So, it is better to approach a legit website and boost your content and internet audience. 

Make sure to read our other guest posting article here, so that you will know why webnews21.com is the best option for you.