These 8 facts About Attack on Titan Reiner Season 4 may Surprise You

Attack on Titan Reiner Season 4

Attack on Titan Reiner Season 4

Reiner Braun is an essential character in Attack on Titan. The character is an Eldian of the Marley Warriors who rose in Liberio’s internment zone. He was also a member of the 104th Trainees Squad and an ex-member of the Survey Corps. From seasons 1 to 3, fans discussed Reiner as hated, loved, and criticized. The finale of Attack on Titan reveals the most profound and most complex aspects of Reiner’s character. The same sentiment is shared in Isayama Hajime, mangaka from Attack on Titan.

Reiner demonstrated incredible leadership abilities in leading the battle numerous times, including the struggle against The Female Titan. In Season 2, Reiner and Berthold were identified as The Armored and the Colossal Titans, respectively. The revelations prompted a lot of hate from characters and the fans from Attack on Titan alike.

These 8 facts About Attack on Titan Reiner Season 4 may Surprise You.

1. Despite Reiner Killing Marco, Jean Became His Friend

At the start of the manga, Jean is exceptionally close to a soldier from the 104th Cadet Corps. But when Marco discovered Reiner was the Armored Titan, Marco became angry. Reiner is his Armored Titan, and Reiner felt left with no option other than to murder Marco. Even Jean believed that he’d never accept the news and forgive Reiner. Still, the two of them became very close towards the show’s end and spent time with other warriors and soldiers.

2. People think Reiner is bad in Attack on Titan.

Reiner Braun is the main antagonist in the manga/anime series Attack on Titan. Braun is also the second character of the Return to Shiganshina arc. We also know him as the main protagonist of the Marley arc, and a primary antagonist turned supporting anti-hero/anti-villain in the final arc.

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3. Reiner did not Die in Attack on Titan till Chapter 138

Reiner is taken by the Female Titan and seemingly crushed. While his companions are reeling at the thought of his death, Reiner discreetly carves Eren’s exact location into the Titan’s hand before cutting him free of its grip. At the end of Chapter 138, he is still alive. There could be a possibility, though. Among all the nine Titans, the Armored Titan is the top tier. It is along with the Colossal and the Warhammer in draining the user’s energy. 

And in the fight on the Founding’s spine, that is Reiner’s second shifting. He initially shifted to take down the Beast Titan. Then he got himself handed by Bertholt’s Colossal, who finally bit his head off. He shifted a second time again, and it was only to get destroyed by 5 or 6 Warhammer Titans. Finally, he had to hold off the Devil while trying to withstand Armin’s Colossal explosion.

4. Eren & Reiner Were Close Back In Their Training Days

Eren was eventually the one Reiner was most afraid of and tried everything was able to do to stop them from doing so. There was a time when they were like brothers. Understanding what it felt like to desire to be more powerful, Reiner helped Eren become a formidable soldier. The two became close to each other throughout and during their military training. Reiner believed that if he disclosed that he was the Armored Titan, Eren would accept it and assist him. Although Eren already could discern the identity of Reiner was, he didn’t receive it until he watched Reiner’s role model change. While they had many things in common, the resemblances led them to be enemies during the story.

5. Reiner’s role gave the right justification in the final season.

Reiner’s role is given both depth and justification in the final season. Reiner was born in Liberia’s internment zone, with the Eldian mother, an Eldian mother, and a Marleyan father. Reiner was a part of the Marley’s Warrior Program, fulfilling his mother’s wish.

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The former stated the father’s willingness to have accepted the offer as long as Reiner could be made an official Marleyan. Although he had his father’s Armored Titan at ten years old, his dad was adamantly against Reiner. That disenchanted the boy and left him numb.

6. Captain Levi didn’t go without Eren from Reiner and Bertholt in “Attack on Titan.”

Even though Levi is the most powerful human on the planet and not shifting, he is human. It is unlikely that he could have been able to catch up to the armored Titan while it was moving. If the armored Titan attempted to attack Levi while he was following him, it would most likely take him down. He was in an open space. Levi defeated the monster Titan in open space. Titan is a lot stronger than the Titan with armor, but that doesn’t mean he’s more potent than the armored Titan. 

This beast Titan was shocked and didn’t get time to react swiftly and harden his skin until Levi was already destroying him. The armored Titan in this scenario will not be as shocked and wouldn’t need to concentrate on strengthening his skin because it is already armored. Therefore, Levi didn’t rush to save Eren because he could not accomplish it. And Levi didn’t want to sacrifice his life to save something that wasn’t worth it.

7. Pieck & Reiner Were As Good Of Friends As They Were Warriors

Pieck was among the few warriors who maintained a close friendship with Reiner. It was not a moment where either could ignore one another. As they spent more time together, they became more intimate. While they were children, there were not many interactions with one another. But they did, and when Pieck was sent to Paradis and was saved by her life. Knowing what he went through during his stay there, she was there for him along with the younger sister, Gabi. They also showed an excellent relationship as warriors as they fought for the same goal.

8. In the Attack on Titan season 2, Reiner said Eren is the unfit person to hold Coordinate. 

Eren has something that cannot be destroyed nor moved the determination. He can overcome the situation and win regardless of what happens in the game.

  1. A Titan slew him. However, he was revealed in the form of an Attack Titan. 
  2. He was able to block the gate of Trost despite the scheme being compromised.
  3. He escaped the female’s Titan attack in the Forest. He was able to run when Squad Levi was killed back in the Forest (though it is possible to argue Annie didn’t intend to kill him in any way.)
  4. He was saved through Levi and Mikasa, who were with Annie.
  5. He fought Annie within the District of Stohess and won.
  6. He was rescued by Survey Corps when Reiner and Bertolt discovered they were Titan Shifters and showed the coordination power of the Founding Titan.
  7. Historia wasn’t transformed into the Titan to take him down. Still, he did make it until Rod Reiss’ “Huge Titan” (and also got an additional power-up that isn’t insignificant! )
  8. He was able to survive in the Return to Shiganshina confrontation (beat Bertold with the help of Armin smashed Reiner, and forced Marley to lose its primary weapons)
  9. Yeager (and Armin) destroyed a significant portion of Marley’s troops (Eren consumed the War-Hammer Titan, which killed several soldiers, and Armin destroyed most of the fleet). Also, there were three Titans to Yeager. Also, he beat Reiner at least three times.
  10. The Marley offensive was slowed because of Reiner and Galliard not fighting following the enormous damage they suffered.
  11. The Rally Zeke Yeager, the Beast Titan on his side (although it’s in their plan), means they now can use the potential that is The Founding Titan. Founding Titan
  12. It was Galliard killed (and substituted by Falco. However, it’s going to be a while before he can utilize it correctly). Marley’s air fleet was destroyed (thanks, Zeke.) His air fleet was destroyed (thanks to Zeke), which is just a few feet away from touching Zeke, which activates the powers of the Founding Titan.
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If everything goes according to the program, Eren might win. So he’s probably the most unlucky person, and he could possess the Coordinate. After all, he’ll always be able to utilize it to his advantage because he will always be triumphant.