How does augment ancient item & power work in Diablo 3?

augment ancient item
augment ancient item

How does it work to augment ancient item in Diablo 3?

In this article we will discuss how augment ancient item works in Diablo 3. A Legendary Gem of 30 or more is required to augment an Ancient or Primal Ancient weapon. A Legendary Gem with Rank 50 or more is necessary to augment an Ancient or Primal Ancient ring or amulet. These augments are crucial for the creation of endgame content. These augments are essential for progressing to the higher greater rifts. The accepted answer is that you get +5 for each rank of the gem.

You will get a unique blue stat title on your item, Caldesann’s Despair (the name of the cube-recipe for augmenting), along with the rank and bonus. Let’s take, for instance, a legendary gem level 42 with an emerald. The blue stat would be:

  • +210 Dexterity, Caldesann’s Despair rank 42

These are the relationships for gems to statistics:

  1. ruby (red),: Strength,
  2. Amethyst (purple),: Vitality
  3. Emerald (green): dexterity,
  4. topaz (yellow): intelligence
  5. diamond (white) not available
  6. It is vital to have enough gems. It is essential to have enough gems.
  7. The legendary gem that you use to enhance a weapon must be at least rank 30,
  8. You must use a legendary gem at least rank 40 to enhance jewelry.
  9. The legendary gem that you use to enhance armor must be at least 50 ranks.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t use a gem of 30-40 or 50 ranks. Once you reach grift 30, it is a good idea to augment your weapon, if it’s not already ancient, and then every 5-10 years re-augment it.

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That is true for armor and jewelry as well. You may be augmenting each grift level you earn by 60 since each +5 and +10 is visible during progression.

This recipe is incomplete without the legendary gems. You receive +5 points to an attribute selected by Flawless royal gem (Amethyst or Ruby for Strength, Emerald or Dex, Topaz For Int, Topaz for It) for each rank of your legendary gemstone. A rank 50 legend gem will add 250 to your primary stat (chosen according to standard gem type). However, you can’t augment twice to increase the effect. If you augment again, it will overwrite the first augment.

That is all to get closer and closer towards complete BiS (Best In Slot).


Best in Slot = BIS.

This acronym describes the best equipment that can be useful for each Slot in a paper doll. The best item for each Slot can vary between classes and between different builds. There is rarely a single answer. A given legend like Vile Ward (DB), for example, may be the best choice, but a great roll on rare shoulders can still win it for most builds. The “BiS” designations should be considered guidelines, not absolute rules.

Many of the clear BiS items found in Diablo 3 include legendaries, which add unique properties to other Legendaries and rares. The Mempo of Twilight (DB), for instance, has Attack Speed as an intrinsic property. That is something that only rare helms can use. The Mempo of Twilight also has many other great mods, but they are easily matched by a Rare. A Rare helm can be even more helpful than one that rolls poorly on Mempo. However, a Mempo roll will outdo any Rare helmet, so Mempo is the BiS of almost all classes and builds.

How can I get legendary power in Diablo 3?

You must have Kanai’s cube. You can select “Extract Legendary Power” from Kanai’s cube interface. The “recipe” will require the following items.

  • One legendary item with a secondary ability, 
  • One bounty reward crafting material from each act, 
  • Five x Death’s breath
  • One Ancient legendary item with a secondary power 
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You can get the legendary power by having all the items in your inventory. The “Powers” tab of Kanai’s Cube now allows you to access the extracted power.

What is the best ancient item augmentation for a Monk?

You can always augment your best ancient first to don’t waste all of your rifting time searching for a better ancient. If you wish, you can re-augment the piece. For +dexterity, you can use emeralds.

You can use any gem that you don’t usually use to make the legendary gem. I love to use Boyarsky’s chip (Thorn’s damage gem).

You must choose an ancient or primordial item to upgrade. You don’t have to upgrade any item. Still, it is essential to feel confident that the item’s stats are sufficient to ensure that you soon won’t find another one. It is bittersweet when an item you like is better than your current one but has a level 100 enhancement on it. Items that you need to replace will be augmented with a gem. However, you will only use a gem at a level you reach. It’s possible to upgrade a gem from level 75 to level 75 in public games.