How to build a Halfling Barbarian in 5e dnd?

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How to Play Halfling Barbarian 5e in d&d?

Focus on your Strength-based abilities and strengths when you play Halfling Barbarian 5e. Your Strength will allow you to take advantage of Strength-based rolls both in battle and at home. Your Unarmored Defence feature will also include your Constitution. People often think of Barbarians when they say the word. They are likely to refer to two-handed swords, knives, and other weapons. Halflings are vulnerable to the effects of large weapons. Instead of focusing on heavy weapons, try collecting versatile weapons. You can also let your Rage drive yourself forward, which is what makes Halfling Barbarians so much fun. Your Rage is your Weapon and armor. It would be best if you used Rage smartly and often. As you level up, Rage will become more frequent.

What weapons can Halfling Barbarian use?

Barbarians are best suited for large weapons. Halflings and gnomes can use “versatile” weapons such as the battle-ax or long sword in two hands to do d10 damage. In 5e, the best Barbarian race depends on what DnD party role, Damage or Tank, you are looking to fill and which Barbarian subclass. The choice is between the Half-Orc and the Goliath.

Versatile weapons allow you to use two hands for more damage and give you the option to hold something offhand (e.g., a shield or handaxe). If you are looking to improvise many things, you should have some knowledge of athletics. You will need to perform many improvised attacks and contested checks for you to compete in an athletics competition.

Read Shield Master Geat 5e.

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Halfling Barbarian 5e stat block

You may have a starting range of 15-14-13-12-10-8. So you may place the stats at 15 strength, 14 dexterity (12+2), 14 constitutions (13+1), ten charisma, eight intelligence, and ten wisdom. It gives a decent array of skills, and you can improve your abilities through ASIs and feats. (Tavern Brawler would be a good target and could also boost you to +3 on strength tests.

Alternatively, you may begin with a two-handed sword and a pair of hand axes. There might be tactical differences that might prove helpful. You may wonder if having weaker strikes against mobs would be a good idea. Would switch to one more robust strike against a boss monster work within the rules? Great Weapon Fighting 5e is the Big One in barbarian builds. However, small creatures such as halflings are at a disadvantage when using heavy weapons. Flexibility and improvisation are two of my favorite things. You may often use the environment to do damage. (e.g., Pushing people into pits, spitting hot coals on their feet, etc. Did your DM should be asked if Storm Herald from UA would be okay for your subclass. That fits in with many RP history. 

How to build a Halfling Barbarian

Once you have decided to play as a short being, you need to identify your subrace. The Player’s Handbook lists two subraces: the Lightfoot and Stout Halfling. The Stout Halfling is the best subrace, as it adds 1 Constitution. The Stout Resilience trait gives you immunity to poison damage as well as an advantage in saving against poison.

Now you have your small-than-average character. Next, you need to choose the Barbarian subclass that your PC should take. In the Player’s Handbook, you have two options: Path of the Berserker or Path of the Totem Warrior.

Your goal will determine which subclass is best for you. The Path of the Berserker is best if you are looking to do the most damage possible. The Path of the Totem Warrior allows you to be more creative in your role in battle.

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How to Roleplay as Halfling Barbarians?

Roleplaying as a Halfling Barbarian is a good idea. Be aware of your size, racial limitations, but not too much. Halflings are not used to the Barbarian class, particularly considering their size disadvantage. But don’t let this stop you from becoming a Halfling Barbarian of extraordinary Strength and indomitable will.


After all these years, the Halfling barbarian has finally been accepted as a character concept. Since I was a child, reading The Hobbit while Conan The Barbarian played behind me, the idea of being a three-foot-tall, hairy smackdown man captivated my imagination.

Halfling barbarian thinks he is a rogue. I will give him the criminal or urchin background so that he can have rogue abilities. I will provide him with a knife or other finesse weapon. He’ll talk to you if he finds himself in a situation that could lead to a fight.


  • Barbarians don’t get heavy armor. Dex is AC, which can also be helpful to hit with Finesse. You’ll still need it.
  • You get +2 Dex and -2 Str as a Halfling. Finesse allows you to make the most out of your good stats.
  • You can also use Dex to range weapons. So, Finesse will help you with ranged weapons.


  • A feat is a cost by Weapon Finesse. You don’t have many extra feats because you are not a Human or a Fighter.
  • Unless you want to gain proficiency with a whip or spiked chain, your weapon finesse limit you to light weapons. That means that you will be able to use a weapon that hits for at least a d4.
  • Finesse still adds Str to damage. You’ll have great +hit but only do poor damage.
  • Rage grants you +4 to Str but no Dex bonus. Halfling Barbarian 5e are built to make the most of their high Strength. Finesse will reduce Rage’s benefits.