Everything about Getting the Right Glasses for Your Exercise Regime

Right Glasses for Your Exercise Regime

Everything You Need to Know About Getting the Right Glasses for Your Exercise Regime

Now is very much the right time to freshen up your glasses game. Of all the items to buy online versus visiting a nearby brick and mortar establishment, the purchasing of glasses (especially prescription glasses) is infinitely better value for your money and offers far more choice to the consumer.

Gone are the days of using the same pair of glasses religiously, regardless of your activity, and now it’s common to have a number of pairs for different users. 

Perhaps as well as a go-to regularly used pair, you might have another that is a stylish alternative for nights out as well as a pair that’s ideal for outdoor activity, and it’s this portion of the market we’ll dig deeper into.

There are now many different types of glasses that are ideal for various sporting and exercise pursuits, some of which are deliberately lightweight, others that are very specific for activities, and others that are super durable. So let’s take a closer look. 

Tinted Glasses to Prevent Glare

If you are going to be outside for a long time during your sporting or exercise activity, we strongly suggest you get a pair that has a good level of glare protection, and there are many to choose from. 

Some sports glasses come with this feature as standard, and others can be adaptable in this area. For instance, you might go for a tint that enhances the color yellow, which is apparently ideal for tennis as they contrast the ball color; that’s how detailed the choice you can make in this area.

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Durable Material for Rough and Tumble Activities

If you are on a big hike or taking part in some form of contact sport, then you should select sports glasses that can handle a bit of rough treatment. This might be due to the material the frames are made of or even related to the lightweight nature of the glasses as a whole, which would help you wear them while feeling as if they were not a barrier at all. 

Prescription Sports Glasses That Are Well Fitted

Maybe you need your sports glasses to be perfectly fitted and with a prescription as you can’t afford the prospect of them falling from your face. Perhaps you are taking part in a cycle race, and the streamlined nature of your activity needs to be perfectly reflected in your eyewear choices. Again, this is something that the latest manufacturers of sports glasses are well versed in offering.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Yes, this, too, is an option. You can now get swimming goggles that fit perfectly for your needs, both in terms of your face shape but also your prescription level. Nothing needs to get in the way of your sporting pursuits, least of all your natural vision. This might be a better option than wearing contact lenses, with standard goggles on top of them, so it’s an option well worth looking into.

Common Issues to Consider When it Comes to Wearing Glasses During Exercise

There are many factors to take into account when it comes to selecting the right eyewear for your sporting and exercise regime. Once you highlight the common issues, you’ll then be in a better place to find the right selection that alleviates the problem.

Is It Getting Foggy In Here, or Is It Just Me?

Anyone who goes to the gym wearing glasses knows all about this one. You are enjoying your workout, and then it all goes blank, as the fog blurs your vision, in much the same way it might do when you open the oven door. Fog is a real issue and can actually be dangerous; for instance, if this strikes when you are on the treadmill, then you are in real trouble.

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Slippery Nose and Bounce Issues

If the type of activity you are enjoying is a high-impact one, then you may well notice your glasses constantly slipping down the bridge of your nose, or worse, constant bouncing that not only irritates but is also painful after a prolonged period. Get glasses that have a solid rubbery bridge to help prevent these common concerns.

Sweat Dripping Everywhere

Clearly, if you are working out, you are going to sweat; if you are not sweating, then you are probably doing it wrong. Having glasses on will become very uncomfortable after a while, and you should look for glasses and frames that offer protection that keeps sweat and water from causing a visual disturbance from your temple to your chin.

An Overview

When it comes to picking out the right glasses for your exercise or sporting activities, you should always select ones that are comfortable. Don’t go for style over substance, or it might end up proving more trouble than it’s worth.

Look to select polycarbonate lenses as these will be more forgiving when it comes to heavy contact. Similarly, find frames that are light but capable of taking a beating and consider having one or two pairs if you take part in multiple types of activities. Finally, be sure that the selection you make is adaptable to your specific prescription, as this is not always the case.