How did Harry come back to life in Death Hallows? How did he die before?

How did Harry come back to life in Death Hallows? How did he die before?

How did Harry come back to life in Death Hallows? How did he die before?

When Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort’s wands connected in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, the core of Voldemort’s wand was destroyed, and his rod was damaged beyond repair. This allowed Harry to steal the Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s tomb, which meant that he became master of all three Deathly Hallows since the wand was initially his brother’s (who didn’t get a chance to master it) and because he already had the Resurrection Stone when he owned the rod.

Harry Potter 6: The Half-Blood Prince

If you’ve already seen Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, you know that Harry managed to get a glimpse of Voldemort’s soul when they battled on a Spanish beach. If you haven’t, here’s how it happened: Voldemort killed Dumbledore and summoned his Death Eaters; while they were fighting, Harry slipped into Dumbledore’s office at Hogwarts and came across a Pensieve, which is a device for viewing memories. He watched scenes of Tom Riddle (the actual name of Voldemort) as a teenager learning about Horcruxes, which are objects containing bits of the soul — when three are put together (separately), a person becomes immortal. Dumbledore had discovered that one existed in Harry himself: his fleshy brain.

Harry Potter 7: Deathly Hallows

Despite what Hermione and Ron thought, there was more than one way for Harry to go into hiding. No one ever realized that from his first trip to Hogwarts via Floo Powder, Harry had been marked with a tracking charm by Umbridge. Death Eaters could follow him wherever he went without much difficulty. Thus, when Voldemort took over Hogwarts, a Horcrux was created using Slytherin’s locket and Harry’s blood when Nagini bit him during a duel on June 16th.

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Harry Potter 8: Unbreakable Vow and Sacking of Hogwarts

One of my favorite parts of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows was Chapter Thirty-Six, The Sacking of Severus Snape. Not only is it a great chapter, but I believe it’s also something that could be used as a possible plot point in a screenplay. The backstory behind these events is never really explained, so I want to examine what may have happened after Snape agreed to kill Dumbledore on behalf of Voldemort.

Here are some things I think we can assume:

  • Snape felt terrible about agreeing to do it
  • He didn’t want to do it
  • He tried to get out of doing it
  • Voldemort threatened him
  • He thought about ways around it
  • Finally came up with an idea
  • Told Voldemort he would need time
  • Told Voldemort he needed his help -Offered Vow as a solution
  • They both agreed on 11/10/07 at 11:22 PM – by Kimball.

Chapter 36 begins with Lucius Malfoy bursting into Hogwarts, demanding that Severus Snape hand over Harry Potter. When Draco interrupts and says they had already given up Harry, Lucius becomes enraged. He grabs Draco by his robes and yells. You are lying, little rat!

Harry Potter 9: Stunning of Hermione and Kiss with Ron

A pair, who’d been dating in and out since they were 12, finally announced their first kiss at a ball. Ron was overcome with emotion as he wondered aloud whether Harry or Hermione would perish in Deathly Hallows. While Hermione fought with Bellatrix Lestrange alongside Tonks, she sacrificed herself — which caused Harry to give up hope momentarily.

Thankfully, Hermione survived. Before that, during The Half-Blood Prince, Ron was jealous when Harry started dating Lavender Brown after breaking up with his sister Ginny at her request (she later regretted that decision). After Ron helped Harry save Ginny from detention when Draco Malfoy framed her for doing magic outside school grounds, she and Harry got back together.

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How did he die before?

Voldemort murders Harry’s parents in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But just as Harry is about to be murdered, his mother sacrifices herself for her son. She gives him a protective charm that sends Voldemort away. The incident also triggers ancient magic that kills Voldemort and puts Harry into a 10-year sleep.

He wakes up after nearly all of his friends and family have died from another of Voldemort’s schemes, making him feel more isolated. In Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, a combination of love for his friends and family (and some help from Dumbledore) allow Harry to kill Voldemort once and for all — but it comes at a high cost.

Who made sure Voldemort was not resurrected

The Elder Wand, also known as The Deathstick or the Wand of Destiny, is a compelling object featured throughout Harry Potter novels and films. In Philosopher’s Stone, it was said that it is; the only wand that Voldemort ever feared. Its allegiance lies solely with power, meaning that its commitment can shift from one person to another, employing winning duels; many wizards have sought it over time because they hope they will be able to control its power. This makes them a target for other wand owners who wish to capture and use them against them. The wand’s most famous owner was Antioch Peverell (who created The Cloak of Invisibility). After his death, his descendants fought amongst themselves to possess The Elder Wand.

Harry died as well when he destroyed all Horcruxes; Part 1

The Deathly Hallows. Without these seven artifacts, Voldemort lost his ability to exist as a living human being. As with any wizard who had split his soul too many times, Voldemort was now a mere ghost of his former self. Harry’s sudden resurrection was just a side effect of Voldemort’s demise; Harry had passed through The Gateway and emerged from Limbo (Tom Riddle’s birthplace).

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Because Harry and Voldemort had died precisely the same time, The Elder Wand refused its allegiance to anyone but its master: Lord Voldemort. However, it did not kill him; instead, it returned from whence it came – Death itself – returning control of The Elder Wand into Death’s hands for another one thousand years.


We found that Harry first died when he fell through The Veil and into King’s Cross Station. His mother was there, not Dumbledore or anyone else. She sacrificed herself for him because of a promise she made years ago, and I will always be with you. This is why Harry died on multiple occasions – because his mother sacrificed herself for him so many times over. Because once Voldemort attempted to kill him as an infant or toddler, Lily once again saved his life and gave her own.