How to Screenshot on Samsung S21 Plus

How to Screenshot on Samsung S21 Plus

How to Screenshot on Samsung S21 Plus

Read on to learn how to take screenshots on Samsung S21 Plus smartphones. There are several ways to do so. Keep reading to learn how to capture images from your S21 plus smartphone. From Local Digital Business to students, everyone needs to take screenshots at some point of their life. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series allows you to capture screenshots by letting you scroll down. This is useful if you’re reading a lengthy article on a website or want to capture an image below the display.

Open the launcher and select the option to scroll down and capture more. Once you’ve chosen the desired screenshot, press the scroll button on your screen. The screenshot will be longer than the original.

Another way to take a screenshot is to use the palm swipe gesture. To activate this, hold down the power and volume buttons simultaneously. You’ll see the screenshot appear in the gallery. Once the screenshot is taken, you can choose whether to save it or share it. If you don’t want to send it to someone, you can save the picture to your phone’s gallery.

Once you’ve selected the photo or video you’d like to capture, you can choose to save it or delete it. This method saves screenshots on internal storage and automatically adds them to your gallery. While you’re on the device, you can also take screenshots of different apps or screens. But before you begin, you must first be sure that you have enough storage space to save your screenshots.

How to Screenshot on Samsung S21 Plus

How to Screenshot on Samsung S21 Plus

Hold down the Home and Power buttons to capture a screenshot on your S21 Plus. Once you hold the buttons simultaneously, you will experience a vibration, visual indicator, or click. After taking a screenshot, you’ll find it in the Gallery app, under the Albums tab.

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Smart Capture button

The Smart Capture button on Samsung S21 Plus allows users to take screenshots of scrollable areas of the screen and share them with others. Smart capture options vary by software version and wireless service provider. 

Some Smart capture options include cropping, recording, and drawing. Another feature, Bixby Vision, can identify famous landmarks and translate languages. You can take screenshots of a web page’s contents or an entire page.

The Smart Capture button will enable you to capture screenshots from multiple apps. It will enlarge the screenshot, and the screen will scroll down automatically to capture more content. After taking a screenshot, you can choose to share the screenshot with your friends or via applications. It can save several screenshots on one device. You can also edit screenshots in the camera roll. 

Another Smart Capture feature that Samsung S21 users can use is Palm swipe. Swipe your hand from one side of the screen to the other to enable this feature. Then, tap the button again. 

You can now take a screenshot of the whole screen. And you can also save it to a gallery if you like. There are more advanced screenshot capture features on Samsung S21 Plus. The Smart Capture button is an essential part of the phone, and it will help you capture screenshots.

Smart Capture app

The Smart Capture app for Samsung S21 Plus can be handy when you want to take a screenshot of an image. It allows you to take a screenshot of an entire web page by stitching several pictures together. Another handy feature is the Smart Select, which lets you capture specific screen parts. You can also create GIFs from movies.

Screen recording is available on all Samsung smartphones. The new Smart Capture app for Samsung S21 Plus includes a new feature to record your screen during phone calls. While it will not record your voice, you can record your screen. 

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You can crop the screenshot size and make annotations. The latest update also comes with new Undo and Redo buttons. The Smart Capture app is available for download through the Galaxy Store. It will work on all Samsung smartphones, including Galaxy S10. Note that this feature won’t work on any other brand.

The camera on Samsung Galaxy S21 has improved nighttime photos. It is due to the new sensors, which can capture more light. The pictures taken at night will be brighter and clearer. 

The user can access the Night mode through the camera app. When switching between modes, select the “Night” option. If a person wants to make the shots more vivid and clear, they can opt for the S21 Ultra’s Night mode.

The Samsung S21 Plus comes with an advanced feature called the Smart Capture button. This button helps users take additional screenshots. To use the Smart Capture button, you can press the side button on your phone and swipe from the left or right side to capture a screenshot. You can then save the screenshot to the gallery if you wish to share it. It can access this feature from the Advanced features page.

To use the Smart Capture feature, you must first enable it in your device’s settings. The menu will display the Smart capture button. Clicking it will open a menu with more options. When you press it, you’ll see a downward double arrow. It will stitch the screenshot together so that you can edit it. You can also enable the Smart Capture feature on Samsung S21. In addition, by tapping the screen write button.

Final Words

The Smart Capture button for the Samsung S21 series is easy to use. To take a screenshot, press the volume down and power buttons together. Hold the buttons for about a second. A screenshot animation will appear, as well as a toolbar with options. Once you’ve captured your screen, you can save it to your gallery. You can also share the screenshot with others via social media. The Smart Capture button is a great feature for your Samsung S21 Plus.

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