List of High Profile and Heavy Traffic Areas to Hang Your Business Banners

List of High Profile and Heavy Traffic Areas to Hang Your Business Banners

List of High Profile and Heavy Traffic Areas to Hang Your Business Banners

banners are an excellent marketing strategy since they reach a wide audience. However, it’s critical that they make the best possible first impression. The right design of the banner should be noticeable and have a CTA that encourages people to either visit your store or buy your goods and services. In addition to choosing the right design, deciding where to display a banner will make or break your goal of reaching potential buyers.

You can find a wonderful alternative to match your budget whether you’re searching for a banner to display indoors or outdoors. Seattle Banner Printing is a well-known name in the print media industry In Seattle, WA. They started in 2014, and since then have been dedicated to giving their clients the best marketing experience possible through Seattle signs and banners to grow their audience and customer conversion rate.

Banner Placement 

You must first determine your target audience before determining the best location for your banner. Once your target audience is identified, you can now figure out where the most-trafficked locations in your space are for that target audience.

Busy Intersections 

Heavy traffic and potential consumers pass through busy intersections every day. This is perhaps the most obvious area to display your vinyl banners. One vinyl banner near a major junction is seen by thousands of potential clients every day, depending on your local population and travel routes. Persuade a building owner to drape your banner across the side of their structure. You may have to rent the space, but given the number of prospective clients you’ll reach, it is still worth it.

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Highways and Bridges

Placing vinyl banners on heavily used highways, bridges, and overpasses will allow you to reach many potential clients. For a minimal charge, several people will let you rent space on their land to stake your banners or even drape them over the highway-facing sides of their buildings. Bridges and overpasses are typically owned by towns, counties, states, and train companies, which means you might need a permit before hanging your banners on them.


Events attract many people, making it even easier to focus on your message based on what you know about the participants. Athletic events, the arts, conferences, festivals, concerts, seminars, trade exhibitions, and other events all have different audiences, and with the help of a banner stand printing company you can cater to each one separately. You will certainly have to pay to advertise at the event, but look at the number of people spotting your ad.

Outside Competitors Office

Advertising near a competitor’s banner or business demands to be a brave business owner. By staking a claim near your competitor’s location, you’re reminding their customers that there are always other options to consider. If they’re unhappy with your competitor’s service, chances are they’ll give you a choice next. This is especially applicable if your competitors are discovered in a shopping mall or a remote location, but your company isn’t.

These are just a few of the places where you can hang a vinyl banner. Consider placing banners in even more unique locations if you want to be extra creative. Custom banners can be used anywhere and can be a cost-effective and inexpensive way to reach a large audience.