What will you contribute to our college essay? Writing 10000 word tips


What will you contribute to our college essay? 10000-word essay writing tips

An excellent start to an essay can be what makes you stand out among your peers. Your essay should not be too instructional or contain excessive content. The way to achieve a long-form essay is to follow a method called tiny ant topic hunt. It means breaking up the main topic into many sub-topics and making a compelling article on each. Put them all together in Header 2, Header 3 and make it appealing. It is challenging to write 10,000 words essays. It requires a lot of time and dedication. But if you can follow the steps mentioned below, it may not be as tricky as it sounds.

How do you write a 10000-word essay?

Writing essays is a necessary part of university studies in English and other Arts and Humanities subjects. That is a difficult skill to master as it requires creativity and logical planning. However, if you follow these steps whenever you write an essay, you will be on your way to success. Recently I had a meeting with the customessaymeister.com team who are experts in the field for some time. 

What is your plan?

Start with the main topic. Go to google and try Google auto-suggest. It will tell you what sub-topics you can come across. Here is an example. Let us say. We want to write an article on ” How to write an essay.” I went to google and typed the keyword. And I Clicked ” ” i.e. space. All suggestions came up.

Tiny Ant Topic Hunt
Tiny Ant Topic Hunt

 “Although it may seem time-consuming, a good plan will help you save time writing your essay as well as the write my essay for me service will help you with any papers if you don’t have time at all.” You’ll be able to see where you are going and not get stuck. If you get stuck, don’t panic. Just write down some ideas, and the rest will come. It is easiest to create a mindmap, with each new “bubble” representing one of my main paragraphs. If you look at the above image, you can easily find that google suggested the following.

  • Title: How To Take The Headache Out Of HOW TO WRITE AN ESSAY
  • Header 1: The Secret of Successful HOW TO WRITE AN ESSAY
  • Header 2: Essay Introduction
  • Header 2: Essay Introduction example
  • Header 2: How to write Essay Outline
  • Header 2: How to write an essay for the University
  • Header 2: How to write an Essay for IELTS
  • Header 2: How to write an essay conclusion

For title and header 1, I used https://www.title-generator.com. For the rest, I used Google Autosuggest. And I came up with lots of Header 2, where I can quickly write 1000 words. Suppose I cant write 1000 words on any of the Header 2. Let’s say I am stuck on ‘How to write Essay for University. I try Google Autosuggest again. But this time, I typed “How to write Essay for University.” Now see what comes up.

10000 word essay

So now you know you have to write about the following under

Header 2: How to write an essay for the University

  • Header 3: Essay for university admission
  • Header 3: Essay for university application
  • Header 3: Essay for university scholarship
  • Header 3: Essay for university assignment

Although you may not have the time to create a detailed plan for exam conditions, it is helpful to draw a quick one. Two hundred fifty words each can fill up the 1000 words quickly. This plan can be expanded upon, adding new details and linking bubbles as you see them. Include keywords, so you don’t get distracted while writing your essay. There are many other formats available if you don’t like mind maps. You could create a table, flowchart, or a list with bullet points.

A clear structure is essential

That is what you should be thinking about when planning. The essay should be viewed as an argument or speech. It must have a logical structure with all points connected to answer the question. It is best to start with the basics. Choose a few key points that will be your main paragraphs. Because you are under time pressure, three main sections are sufficient for an exam essay. If you agree with the question, organize your points using the following format: YES (agreement) – AND(another ‘YES’ point) – BUT (disagreement/complication) if you don’t agree. You will be able to focus on your argument and not drift too far from the question.

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You could add additional paragraphs to the ‘YES/AND” category to make your essay longer. For example, you could discuss Curley’s wife’s vulnerability and insecurities and share her dreams with the characters. Or, you could extend your essay by adding another paragraph about Curley’s cruel and manipulative tendencies.

That isn’t necessarily the correct answer to the essay question. As long as your points are supported by evidence from the text, you can accept any viewpoint that makes sense.

You can back up your points by using well-analyzed quotations

A scientific report would not be complete without supporting evidence. So why should an essay? Although you don’t have to keep every point made with a quote, it’s a good idea to try. Examiners will appreciate your understanding of the question by carefully reading your quotations.

It would be best if you also were looking out for Tricolon

Tricolon is a grouping of three words or phrases that are placed together to emphasize a point. Tricolon is an eloquent term for a group of three parallel words, phrases, or clauses. Plural: tricolons or tricola. It is also known as a triadic sentence. For instance, this tricolonic advice for preachers is generally attributed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who said: “Be sincere, be brief, be seated.”

It’s the “judgment of completeness,” says Mark Forsyth, which “makes the tricolon suited to grand rhetoric” (The Elements of Eloquence, 2013). Tricolon originates from the Greek, “three” + “unit.”

Tricolon Observations

Dorothy Parker: I need three things in a man. He must be handsome, ruthless, and stupid.
Robert Maynard Hutchins: The whole equipment of football, fraternities, and fun means how education is made palatable to those who have no business in it.
Wizard From The Wizard of Oz expressed: You are speaking to a man who has laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe.
President Dwight Eisenhower said: Every gun that is built, every warship launched, every rocket fired means, in the final sense, a fraud from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not covered. This system in arms is not spending money alone. It is absorbing the sweat of its laborers, the intellect of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

  • Tautology is a way to use different words to mean the same thing.
  • Parallelism – ABAB Structure; often means movement from one idea to another
  • Chiasmus – ABBA structure; draws focus to that phrase
  • Polysyndeton is a combination of many words in one sentence
  • Asyndeton is a lack of conjunctions that can accelerate the pace of sentences
  • Polyptoton uses the same word in different forms to emphasize emphasis, e.g. “done” and “doing”.
  • Alliteration is the repetition of the same sound. There are many forms of alliteration: assonance (similar vowel sounds), plosive alliteration(‘be, ‘d’ and ‘p’ sounds), and sibilance(‘s’ sounds).
  • Anaphora is the repetition of words, often used to emphasize a point.

You don’t have to remember every literary device in the work that you are analyzing. However, you can discuss other apparent effects such as simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know all the names. It’s much more important to explain the effects of literary techniques and how they relate to the question than to use the correct terminology.

Keep your creativity and originality alive all the way

While anyone can write an essay following the above tips, the only thing that makes it “perfect” is your unique perspective on the topic. You can point out any interesting or unusual aspects of your reading by pointing it out to the examiner.

Writing essays and creative writing are closely related than you might think. Keep in mind that you are writing an argument or speech to grab the attention of your readers.

Your introduction should outline your argument. It should include your main points and the direction of your essay. But, don’t forget to leave something for the conclusion. While you should summarize your main points, if you only repeat what you have said in the introduction, your essay is pointless.

Consider your conclusion the climax of all your speeches. The culmination of everything has gone before it, and not the boring, uninteresting part at the end.

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What will you contribute to our college essay without the use of grammerly?  

Grammarly allows students to write more clearly, concisely, and grammatically. It also helps them develop essential writing skills. Grammarly checks grammar on over 400 points. These points include grammar, spelling check, plagiarism and writing style. It integrates with Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It also has an online extension that works with millions upon millions of websites, allowing you to communicate more effectively.

Grammarly’s school version offers students a variety of research and writing support services. These services include paper revision and grammar tutorials. Grammarly offers professional writing assistance. Premium version allows you to send your paper to an expert writer, who will fix any errors and improve the writing. Grammarly can be used to communicate effectively via email, handouts and professional communication. Even writing this article, I have used Grammerly. This is the set up I do to rank my articles.

grammerly set up

Improve your writing with Grammarly

Grammarly can be helpful in many different ways. Grammarly can be used on any platform, thanks to the integration available across many platforms. Grammarly doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy to use. Five common uses are listed.

You can first copy and paste the document into Grammarly. You can then import a Microsoft Word Document to Grammarly, and it will check for any errors. You can also write directly into Grammarly Editor. It will check for errors as you type. Click the “Correct With Assistant” button to see these errors. The Microsoft Office plugin can be downloaded and used Grammarly to assist you in typing into Microsoft Word or Outlook. However, this chrome extension is only for Windows computers. You can add Grammarly to your browser to allow you to use it on different websites and other writing applications like Google Docs. Grammarly is very versatile because it offers multiple ways to use it.

The difference between essay writing and SEO content writer

Writing for Essay and SEO is not the same. Though in this article, I am writing about essay, but in back of my mind, I have 2 targetted keywords. Those are the following.

What will you contribute to our college essay?

What will you contribute to our college essay?

10000 word essay

What will you contribute to our college essay?

An SEO content writer

  • For better search engine rankings, write content.
  • Conversion is the main focus.
  • Therefore, the company focuses on quality as well as relevance.
  • That will help you to reduce your bounce rate.
  • Keywords are used to determine their relevancy.
  • Furthermore, he does all the same things as a regular content writer.

The following image will show how I am writing for SEO

topic about life

A regular content writer

  • Well-written content.
  • It is ideal for writing informative content.
  • Good research is essential.
  • Original content.
  • Focused content.
  • You must ensure that your content is professional and error-free.

Suppose you’re looking for a content writer. The main difference is that they understand how to create content without spammy to increase your search engine rankings. Although “legitimately” may be different from search engines to search engines, Google is the standard for good and evil regarding ranking your website. These are some SEO guidelines that content writers should follow.

My personal opinion is that every content writer should take care of the SEO aspect naturally. Below are some things that your SEO content writer should focus on to improve search engine rankings and avoid the frustration of Google’s six-monthly updates.

  • Concentrate on one or two primary keywords at once
  • Natural language should incorporate your LSI and longtail keywords in a natural way
  • Use the language and style that your target audience uses to write
  • When creating content, use keywords that are relevant to your audience.
  • Allow the keywords to appear natural rather than being forced.
  • Your keywords should be used in the title of your webpage or blog post.
  • Place your longtail and primary keywords strategically in the headline tags.
  • Use your primary and longtail keywords in bulleted lists if possible
  • Your keywords can be used as hyperlinked text to link to other pages of your blog or website.
  • Remember that even if you create poor content, your content writer can still take care of the earlier items.
  • That won’t help much, and it doesn’t make them a good SEO content writer.
  • Your SEO content writer must put your users first.
  • It’s ultimately your clients and customers who will do business with you and not search engines.

If your potential customers and clients don’t feel inspired to do business, no rankings will help. It is crucial to have a high conversion rate. When creating content, your content writer should first create engaging content that converts visitors into paying clients and customers.

After that is done, the writer should begin incorporating keywords and ensuring that the content remains high quality. That is where experience as a content writer can come in handy. Your SEO content writer will seamlessly incorporate your keywords, even though a regular writer won’t be capable of it.

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How do you choose between an SEO content creator and a regular content writer?

  • Your business must rank well in search engines.
  • Without quality content, search engine rankings can’t be improved.
  • Suppose your content writer doesn’t understand the importance of quality content and how it impacts your SEO. In that case, you could find yourself in a trap.
  • Make a decision when it comes to choosing a content writer that is skilled and competent.
  • SEO is automatically taken care of by good content.
  • Hire a content writer to help your business. Make sure they are passionate about writing and love to communicate.
  • Content writers should be quick learners. Writing for the internet is very different to writing for traditional print media.
  • They must be able to write in simple but powerful language. They must also be able to write shorter sentences with a persuasive tone.
  • You can improve the SEO and quality of your content by learning more about search engine ranking before you hire a content writer to help your business.
  • These days, search engine rankings are no longer dependent on SEO content or optimized content.
  • It all depends on quality content and the relevancy of your content.

A content writer who understands the importance of quality content will be a great choice. All the rest, such as SEO, are taken care of by the content writer. As you have understood the difference betwen the two, let me show you the ranking of this article in SERP USA just after the article gets indexed in Google. This is how a content should be. Ranking #10 when indexed clearly states, it will rank #1 within one month.

10000 words essay
Google ranked 10 when indexed. a classic example of well structured article

Are you contribuing for College essay?

It is a good idea to consider what college is looking for. You can think about why they ask you this question, what they stand for and what the Principle wants in their students. Then, you can see where you fit in with them. It is essential to get to know the other person and show that you meet their criteria.

It’s not easy to write a college essay. It’s crucial to convey charm, personality, insight, and memorable information in a matter of two pages. Here’s a secret: An excellent topic idea is half of a great personal essay. Writing is more fun if you are passionate about it. If you genuinely care about your life and want to share it with others, that passion and sense of meaning will shine through on the page.

How do you create an essay idea? You can brainstorm your way to an experience in your life that reveals something fundamental about yourself. This article will show you how to do that. Continue reading for 35 points of inspiration that will help you tap into every memory possible. Also, get advice on how to use your brainstorming session to realize an idea for an essay topic fully.

What makes an essay topic great?

What do admissions officers learn from your application? It’s primarily numbers and facts. Your name, high school, grades, and SAT scores. If colleges were trying to create a robot army, these stats would suffice. But they don’t.

Admissions officers want to ensure that you can thrive in college and at work. How can they see a little of you? They need to get a glimpse of your personality, character, and emotions. Your college essay is the best way to do this. Your essay is your chance to present yourself to colleges in a mature manner.

It is crucial to find a topic for college essays that will demonstrate the maturity level admissions officers are looking for. That can be expressed best through your ability to understand yourself and share some of your vulnerabilities and defining experiences.

A great topic is a story from your past that you can tell, draw conclusions from and explain its impact. You should also describe how the event has changed you, from the person you used to be to the person you are today. You are already a pro at writing essays if you can do this.

How do you know if your college essay topic is excellent?

Eric Maloof is the Director of International Admission at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. He has a great checklist to help you determine if your topic is on the right track. These two questions are critical to a great essay, according to Eric Maloof.

  • What is the importance of my essay’s topic?
  • Do you think I am the only one who could have written this essay?

How can you turn this checklist into actionable essay topics?

It should be personal. It should be unique and deeply felt. You can start by focusing on a single event, one person, or one significant experience in your life. Then you can expand from that narrow slice to give a complete explanation of who you are.

Think about the reader. Your reader might be an admissions officer who is reading hundreds of college essays. This person doesn’t want you to bore them, nor do you want to offend them. Instead, try to be likeable and memorable.

Your narrow slice of life should make the reader feel part of the experience. Your writing should be rich in sensory descriptions, emotions, specific details, and dialogue. It is essential that the topic of your essay be personal and intensely felt. It is easy for readers to tell if a writer doesn’t feel connected to the subject he is writing about. The reverse is also true: your writing reflects deep emotions.