Why didn’t Marcel Galliard turn into Titan? Why did Ymir eat Marcel in AOT?

Why didn't Marcel Galliard turn into Titan? Why did Ymir eat Marcel in AOT?

Attack on Titan: Why didn’t Marcel Galliard turn into a Titan to avoid being eaten by Ymir Fritz?

If you’ve read the manga, you’ll notice when Ymir was able to attack Marcel Galliard. He was stunned and didn’t have a chance to respond. He was terrified to his heart, and it is the primary reason he could not transform into an elven titan.

The situation would have been a lot different if Marcel had done this. And I would like to think that all occurred too fast, and he did not have the time to react. We don’t know for sure. But it’s probably the first time they’ve seen an actual titan. He likely didn’t have the mental capacity to change into the Titan.

Another assumption is maybe he was too busy. To begin, Ymir rises from the earth beneath their feet. She’s not sneaky, and she’s a titan. They don’t do this. Then, four of the four (Annie, Marcel, Bertholdt, and Reiner) are having a heated discussion about something. And then, one minute Ymir is throwing herself in their faces.

Why didn’t Marcel Transform in Attack on Titan?

Ymir’s hand is already pointing toward Marcel, pushing Reiner away. He didn’t even have time to react and was then grabbed. And it seems that he was unable to injure himself. Also, note in the chapter that he was staring at Reiner and his colleagues with his mouth wide and didn’t have time to respond or even communicate. I was led to believe that the events took too rapid for them to deal with. It was likely their first time being in the same situation. So it’s understandable they’d succumb to the fear of being in a situation rather than think.

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What is the reason he would decide to do this? Most likely, it’s anxiety. Sure, they had been trained as soldiers, but they were children. The mere fact of that would create panic in anyone and make them not think clearly. It’s possible that he felt a mix of emotions like the guilt of the revelation to Reiner. So he compelled Marley to recruit his help for him to help his son and his reluctance to accept the mission) could have made him feel unable to complete the mission or even forget what he’s made of.

Why didn’t Reiner, Annie, or Bertolt transform? Unwise decisions due to yet again, panic, and unexpected circumstances. In Chapter 96

Who is Marcel Galliard in Attack on Titan?

Marcel Galliard was the older brother of Porco Galliard, and was an old friend of Reiner Braun Bertholdt Hoover, Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart. He was a member of the Warriors team that Marley sent to take on Paradis Island. Walls of Paradis Island in the year 845. However, his mission was broken because of his sudden appearance Ymir in the form of the Pure Titan. He was able to transform to become The Jaw Titan. Jaw Titan.

Marcel Human Form

Marcel had brown hair that was short pulled back, large hazel eyes, and an upturned nose. He dressed in a long jacket on his mission to break the Wall Maria. He carried an undoubtedly full backpack of items needed for the long trip away from home.

Marcel Jaw Titan Form

His Titan model was shown as being similar to that of his brother. Both were shown to have long locks, a long beard that hung over the face, sunken eyes, and a tiny but flexible body. But unlike Porco and his Titan, Titan was revealed to have dark long hair and beard and prominent sharp teeth without visible lips.

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Who is Porco Galliard in Attack on Titan?

Porco Galliard is an Eldian and is the elder brother of Marcel Galliard. He is Marley’s Warriors that can transform into a Titan and is currently the heir of the Jaw Titan.

Porco Human Form

Galliard is a man of a young age who is average in height. His eyes are brown, and his hair is cut in a cut that is pulled back. He is dressed in combat trousers and a thin coat. He also wears an Eldian armband to his left hand, like all Eldians under Marley’s authority.

Porco Jaw Titan form

The Galliard’s Titan, also known as The Jaw Titan, possesses deep-set eyes, a thick eyebrow, and long blond hair. His chin is adorned with a long beard, and all of his facial features are unadorned with a cog-like array of hardened skin that sits in the place of his lips. Titan’s Titan also has A padded face and fingers and knuckles. His body of his is solid and well-toned. He typically uses all four limbs while moving.

Who Is Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan?

Ymir Fritz is the first person to get the power of the Titans. Eldian king kept her as a slave. Eldian abused her power to get prosperity to Eldia while destroying Marley and the rest of the world. She died saving the king almost thirteen years after awakening her power. Her dead body was then forcibly cannibalized by Maria, Rose, and Sheena, their daughters. Her powers then split into what became the Nine Titans.

Upon her death, Ymir was sent to the Coordinate. It was where she molded Titans out of the sands and obeyed the royal family whenever they sought the Founder’s power.

Ymir herself is an intriguing instance. And she’s likely to be classified as an anomaly. She was lying on the earth for more than sixty years and hadn’t eaten anything for all of through that time. However, it’s not hunger that causes the Titan. It’s the chance of running into the shifter and then changing into a human. 

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For sixty years, the message “Eat shifter, turn into human” was in her head to the point that once she detects the shifters, she swoops up and devours anything she can find. It’s identical regardless of whether there were any shifters. Be aware that they are outside the walls, and they were the first to walk by her when she was buried there.

Does Marcel have Titan strength?

Marcel was able to change into a five meters Titan called “the Jaw Titan. The Jaw Titan’s most notable characteristic, Marcel’s Titan form, had a powerful bite force to crush cannons.

Why did Ymir eat Marcel in AOT?

The mindless Titan of Ymir devoured Marcel, who was the Jaw Titan’s predecessor. It was thus transferring the Titan’s power to Ymir. She then became the brand-new Jaw Titan shifter. That is the Curse of the matter that titan shifters will live for 13 years only operates on shifters, not on mindless shifters.