Best tummy tuck cover up tattoos

Best tummy tuck cover up tattoosBest tummy tuck cover up tattoos

Best tummy tuck cover up tattoos | Latest Designs

Having a tummy tuck is not something everyone wants as it looks like a scar and doesn’t look suitable for some people. However, you can cover the scar with tattoos; several designs can help cover tummy tuck tattoos.

In this article, we will discuss the best tummy tuck tattoos that can help you cover your tummy tuck tattoos, and we will also suggest to you if it’s a good option or not.

Tummy tuck scar cover up tattoo

Adding a tattoo to cover your tummy tuck is your personal choice and is totally up to you. However, experts suggest reconsidering this decision as it can be dangerous and useless. As scarred tissues do not hold the ink color and healthy skin. 

Moreover, tattooing tummy tucks can be fragile if it needs to be done very carefully. If not done correctly, it can cause the scar to thicken or the tissue to develop an infection. The good news is that these scars tend to fade away over time only if the scars are not too deep. 

Best Tummy Tuck cover up Tattoos

Tattoos have different meanings for different people all over the world. Some people get tattoos for making themselves look good, while others do so for cultural reasons.

As tummy tuck leaves a significant scar, it’s okay to feel insecure. However, the scar can be obscured entirely with the right tattoo design. These stunning tummy tuck tattoos are just a few of the stunning ways to cover up that scar and flaunt your new tummy art. Black and White Roses

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Single Needle Flower 

The single needle flower is best for your tummy tuck as it hides the scar and gives out an aesthetic look. The single needle flower will look even more beautiful if you have a light tanned skin tone, making it look more excellent and pleasing.

Shaded Rose Tummy Tattoo

The beautiful red rose tattoo will look beautiful as well. The red rose will look great on you as well. The red rose in the middle reflects a sleek and modern look and blends in the scar. 

Belly Button Tattoo After Tummy Tuck

The belly button tattoo comes with a single line and a sophisticated look. This tattoo suits any skin tone and will hide your tummy scar as well. 

Multicolored Flower Bundle

The multicolored flower bundle is the best tummy tuck to cover up a tattoo you can choose in this list as it is colorful. It will look more pleasing and fully cover your tummy as well. 

Full Tummy Tattoo

A full tummy tattoo covers almost all of your tummy, and it looks more liberating as well. Moreover, the full tummy tattoo is one of the best tummy tuck cover-up tattoos if you want to cover your tummy fully. 

How much does a tummy tuck tattoo cost?

A variety of factors determines tattoo prices. Tattoo prices are determined by various factors, including the size and where to make the tattoo, the artist’s skill and experience, hourly rates, and the complexity of the tattoo design. 

As a result, a tattoo can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 per hour. A small tattoo will likely cost between $100 and $250, with the average tattoo costing between $250 and $450.

The average price of a tattoo is around $250. The average cost of a small tattoo for most men and women is around $100 to $250, with a minimum of $100. Small tattoos come in tiny sizes and simple designs on the wrist, hand, finger, ankle, and neck.

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Think again before getting a tattoo

If you want to cover up a scar with tattoo pigment, you should wait about a year to see the final result of the scar. However, many new techniques have recently been described using pro-rata lasers and a drug delivery system. It helps scars fade and flatten rather than cover them up completely.  

You might make the scar look good by a self-healing process, which can eliminate the need for tattoos.

Anyways, Tattoos are a great way to deal with the color changes that come with scarring in general. But, in the end, it is your choice to choose between getting a tattoo or waiting around a year to make it look better.

Is it painful to get a tattoo on your tummy?

The abdomen is a moderately painful area to tattoo, particularly around the navel. You can expect a moderate level of pain when getting a stomach tattoo. 

If you have loose skin, you will experience much less pain than people with tight skin. The neck, ankles, and feet are the most painful areas for tattooing.

Tips for taking care for a fresh tattoo

Fresh tattoos on the lower stomach are covered with a thin foil for the first 3-4 days, after which they should be exposed to air to speed up healing.

A fresh tattoo on your stomach should be washed every day – but gently, do not scrub. Instead, lightly sprinkle it with water, and dry with a cotton pad if possible.

For a fresh tattoo, swimming, saunas, and bathing where the abdominal tattoo would be completely submerged in water should be avoided during healing, which usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

Choose your most comfortable clothes so that they do not rub or irritate the fresh stomach tattoo, and be careful not to scratch it hardly, as scratching the scabs off may result in the removal of some ink.

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A fresh stomach tattoo should not be exposed to the sun directly. Even after it has healed, make sure to protect it with sunscreen at all times.

Because the skin at the abdomen tattoo site dries out more quickly, applying ointments like Bepanthen or Alantan to your skin can help in tattoo site drying out.


This article discussed the best tummy tuck cover-up tattoos design and how you can use different designs to blend the scar and make it look invisible. We also recommended the cost for the average tattoo. Finally, we also suggested you think again about having a tattoo on your tummy. 

But in the end, it is up to you, and if it makes you feel happy and confident, then you should go for it. For more updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.