How to keep the house clean when the dog is in heat?

How to keep the house clean when the dog is in heat?

How to keep the house clean when the dog is in heat? | Easy step by step guide

Many factors can cause a house to be a mess, but a dog in heat is not one of them. Dogs will come into heat once a month on average, and this typically lasts for about three weeks. 

When the female dog is in heat, they will signal by howling and continue to do so even if they are spayed. It is usual for dogs to mark their territory with urine and feces and rub up against furniture and walls.

It’s only natural that house training is difficult when your dog is in heat. To avoid problems, you need to take extra precautions to keep the place clean, including more frequent vacuuming and sweeping. You’ll also need to cook or bake more often to keep up with the messes. 

If you have a smaller yard, try confining your pet outside when not supervised to minimize tracking dirt inside. In this article, we will tell you how to keep the house clean when the dog is in heat?

Heat cleanup tricks for dogs.

Summertime means many things to many people. Vacations, barbecues, weddings, and of course – summer heat. Summer also means one more thing for pet owners: the dog’s seasonal time of year, known as “the heat cycle.” 

It happens once a year simultaneously for most female dogs. It is accompanied by hormonal changes that include increased body temperature, dramatic changes in appetite, nesting behaviors, and sometimes moodiness.

Many new or first time dog owners are surprised to find that new puppies come with many cleanups. 

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From the initial messes in the house to all of the extra drool to the inevitable accidents on your new carpet, there are plenty of reasons to worry about keeping up with all of it. And when you add in heat cycles for female dogs, things can worsen.

When your dog comes in from a day in the hot sun or after being outside all day, don’t give them a drink of water until they have had plenty of time to cool off. 

It is tempting to offer water right away, but this allows your dog to cool off, and their body temperature will still be in the high range. Also, letting the dog spend 30-60 minutes outside before giving them anything to drink will help them avoid heatstroke.

Dogs neutering or spaying not only prevents unwanted pregnancies but also helps reduce aggression and some cancers. However, it is essential to ensure the dog is in heat before surgery, as this can throw off dog hormone levels. 

To keep your home clean while your pup goes through her cycle of the season, here are some useful tips to help you stay on top of the mess.

Diapers can help in the dog cleanup.

Summertime is the beginning of the dog’s heat cycle, where they get in estrus and release bodily fluids to attract male dogs for breeding. For pet owners, this means more cleanup on their hands.

Your dog will inevitably have accidents from time to time. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us.

But with the proper preparation, you can protect both your floors and yourself from a momentary mess. Invest in a good doggy diaper for Heat Cycle Cleanup to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Make a blankie

Baby blankets used for swaddling make perfect cuddly towels to clean up your dog during the summer. A baby blanket is light and airy to quickly dry off a warm and wet dog blankie can be easily washed in the washing machine with ease.

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Most dogs shed, especially in the summer. Shedding is somewhat inevitable unless you shave your dog or get them hairless. It is very difficult to keep up with all of the dog hair that their shedding leaves behind, but it does lead to some helpful solutions.

One solution is to designate a particular type of blankie for the heat cleanup because after your pup lays on your nice blankets and couches, they are usually left covered in dirt and oils.

Dog owners know that the messes left behind after their pup has gone through a heat cycle are unpleasant. Between the leaking and the shedding, it can get messy.

A researcher from the University of Florida found that dogs with a designated blankie to lay on during their heat cycles had less dirt and hair in their beds and more clean laundry. 

It means these dogs were less likely to make a mess of the house while they went through their heat cycle.

Quick clean up

You should know the importance of quick cleanup after a dog has been outside and how the heat and humidity can make it easier for bacteria and mold to grow. 

After a long, cold winter spent outdoors without any protection, dogs with heat cycles created indoors with little ventilation experience very high body temperatures.

Though these dogs need more time to cool down than their non-estrus counterparts, the crate is not the best place for them to do so. 

The heat can build up inside a crate, causing a dog’s temperature to rise further. Some dogs have been known to experience heatstroke and other health problems from being too hot.

Summer is when most families pack up and head to the beach, lake, or their favorite vacation spot. With that comes many pets, some on leashes, others running freely through yards or parks. 

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When the heat hits, it’s essential to know how your pets are reacting. If they show signs of fatigue like panting excessively or steady drooling, they may need assistance to cool down.


It is important to maintain your house while the female dog is in heat. It includes staying on top of spills and maintaining a level of cleanliness. 

It would be best to avoid having dogs living in the house until she is done with her cycle, and dogs should stay away from any parts of the home that they usually do not go in.

Dogs of any age can get dogs pregnant, so it is essential to keep them away from areas where dogs are in heat.