Why do Eldians fight for Marley in attack on Titan? Do they hate each other?

Why do Eldians fight for Marley in attack on Titan? Do they hate each other?

Why do Eldians fight for Marley in attack on Titan? Do they hate each other? | Who will win if they fight?

The Marleyans hate the Eldians since they were their oppressors in the past. The Eldians in the internment zones despise the Eldians on Paradis, seeing them as a relic of the ancient Eldian Empire, which oppressed others.  In this post, we will tell you about why Eldians fight for Marley.

Eldians fight for Marley in the Attack on Titan because they are brainwashed into believing that Eldian’s will destroy their world if not stopped. The Eldian people have been brainwashed by all means of propaganda to believe their existence is the only thing that threatens the existence of the other world. All they know is that their people would destroy their world if it were not for them.

Eldians have been fighting together with Marleyans for years. They may not have experienced the same level of tragedy as they did before coming to Paradis. However, their lives are still sheltered away from the world. The Eldians are used to the lifestyle of Marley. This life may be all they know, or maybe they are afraid of change. The Eldians fight with the Marleyans because they are used to it.

Marley attack on Titan

The Eldians have a long history of enslaving the Marleyans, beginning with creating the artificial island known as Paradis Island. For centuries, the Eldians used this to exert their dominance over the Marleyan people. Still, only after seeing the destruction resulting from the global war, they no longer see it necessary to maintain their dominance.

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The Marleyans are using the Eldian talents to become military superpowers. Marleyans deceived the Eldians on the continent by falsely accusing the people of Paradis of being devils to enrage and brainwash them into destroying paradise to steal the founding titan’s power, conquer the globe, and grow more powerful. After living as refugees within the walls of Marley, Eldians are subject to strict social and cultural norms and a compulsory military draft.

Eldians who live within Marley limited’s walls will get freedom. Some fight for Marley during an attack on Titan to obtain more options. Others may fight because they believe that fighting against the Titans keeps them safe, and they will do anything to protect their home.

Eldians are forced to fight in the Marleyan military, much to the surprise of many. Though they are not allowed to contact Eldian civilians, this is not due to a hatred of their race but rather for fear that would reveal the knowledge of the small Eldian minority left. If this information were made public, it could cause anti-Eldian social unrest and riots worldwide.

Historians are widely puzzled because Eldians are willing to fight for Marley in an attack on Titan. Some theorize that they either hate each other or are forced into service. Still, most historians believe that they are being offered a chance for hope. They have been made to feel inferior over the years in their native countries in the Eldian Empire. They were often treated as second-class citizens, slaves, or even killed by others.

Marleyans and Eldians

Marleyans and Eldians are two different cultures from “Attack on Titan,” the popular anime movie. Marleyans are a people from the outer Reiss wall. At the same time, Eldians were previously a people native to Paradis Island, outside of the three walls that protect their society. The titans in this anime movie consume humans for reasons unknown. The main protagonist is Eren Yeager, a member of the Eldian military forces.

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In the anime movie, Attack of Titans, Marleyans and Eldians live on opposite sides of a vast wall. The Marleyans live on the side with the resources and power, and the Eldians live on the impoverished and under-privileged side. The Marleyans believe that they are superior to the Eldians because they possess more societal privilege.

Do  Marleyans and eldians hate each other?

The Marleyans were at war with their neighboring nation, Eldia. The Marleyans’ hatred for the Eldians grew over time as they saw the Eldians as a threat to them. When it comes to war, it appears that these two countries are not on good terms. In the Attack of Titan, Marley’s two most commonly seen races are Marleyans and Eldians.

It’s been a clash of empires for these two over time. For decades,the Marleyans have been the ruling race, with Eldian being treated as second-class citizens. Leaders who gain power significantly impact this country, and their views can easily influence what people think.

Marleyans and Eldians have a long history of struggle, hatred, and discord. It’s hard to understand why these two human sub-species are so different, but there are theories. One theory says that friction stems from genetic differences between the two groups. In contrast, another theory suggests that Marleyans are scared of eldians because their greater intelligence sets them apart from the rest of the population.

Eldians attack on Titan

The Eldians, in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, are a race of people who have been locked up inside walled cities by the all-encompassing and oppressive government. Ever since they were confined to these enclosed cities, they have attempted to break free and spread their rebellion to nearby towns but failed miserably at every turn.

Eldians live in a world where titans continue to terrorize the population rampantly, and their only hope for survival is to ensure the safety of the walls. Eldian Warriors are trained from a young age to take up these arms and protect both civilians and soldiers alike. In recent years, titan attacks have increased in frequency as more titans enter human territory.

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Final words

Eldians fight for Marley in the attack on Titan because they are brainwashed from a young age to believe that Eldian is inferior and that Eldians are genetically disposed to be unruly, dirty, and stubborn. Thus, they think they are protecting themselves by working for Marley.